Monday, May 28, 2012


For once this long weekend actually seemed long.  Even though we only had a few things going on.  Kenny left for a boys river trip on Friday and Elle and I just hung out and I watched Albert Knobbs after I put her to bed.  

On Saturday our friends little girl was turning five so we attended her birthday party.  They had a huge blow up slide and they arranged for the ice cream man to come which was really cute and fun!
The birthday girl's little brother, Miller and Elle hanging out in the air conditioner.
The ice cream man.  He was a huge hit! I was salivating over the treats he was handing out. But still not eating sugar.  Elle did enjoy some vanilla ice cream which she loved.

Kenny came home around noon on Sunday and I went and had a little "me" time and got a manicure and pedicure.  I came home in time for Kenny and I to put Elle down for a nap and watch our Bulldawgs win the SEC Championship in baseball! We were excited.  

Sunday night we went to the zoo's Member Party and had a faaaaaantastic time.  It was awesome.  Not crowded and all the rides were free.  Elle was completely enamored with the carousel by the pandas.  I had wanted to take her on it so many times but was waiting for Kenny to be with us.  She would get so serious taking all in and then she would wiggle to the music.  The second time I rode with her and she just loved it so much!

We also did the new Bird's and Bee's exhibit and fed the giraffes which was so neat.  The giraffe practically wrapped its tongue around her whole arm and then Elle got upset because the giraffe took her lettuce. Kenny and I thought it was really cool too!

 Look at that tongue!
 All the lettuce was gone.  
Looking so serious but it really was such a magical moment.  She loooooved it.

The second time we rode I rode next to her.  We also made sure both of 
us were on one that went up and down and she thought that was even more fun.

Monday was so nice because we just exercised and relaxed.  We all played outside in the sprinkler and in Elle's pool and ate Popsicles and ended the day barbecuing chicken.
When she wants to get out of the sun she crawls over and sits by the door.  Silly girl!

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Is that Miller Lowe? My husband works with Michael.