Monday, May 21, 2012


We had a fantastic jam packed weekend.  There was a lot to celebrate! Sunday was our six year wedding anniversary and my mom's birthday.  Yes, we got married on her birthday.  It was her idea.  

So my mom drove up Friday morning to spend the day with all of us.  Kenny and I were doing a little shopping for our upcoming vacation and my mom asked for a new pair of running/walking shoes for her birthday so my sister and I took her to some shoe stores.  She ended up with a very spiffy pair of Brooks.  That night we all went out for dinner and some frozen yogurt.  Kenny and I were so good and ordered fish for dinner and did cheat on our diets a little with some frozen yogurt and fruit.
On Saturday, my mom was so kind and kept Elle while Kenny, Annie (sister and our go to babysitter) and me all went downtown for the Wilco concert at Mud Island.  Kenny is a huge fan of the band and I have never seen them before.  We did a little patio sitting at Local Gastropub.We lived downtown for three years but we rarely get down there now so this was my first time to Local and I loved it!  I love any place that has a specialty drink menu.  And THAT was the end of the diet that day ha!  I had a Memphis Mule (a Moscow mule) and it was divine.   And then this happened.  Totally sinful and delicious. The other item in the background was a fried avocado stuffed with crab meat and salsa.  OMG! We had fun!

Then it was time for the concert.  We enjoyed the sunset on the river waiting for the concert to start!

The happily married couple!

Wilco's set was really neat!
Kenny and Annie enjoying a corn dog. 

Sunday, we spent the morning exercising and relaxing.  That afternoon Kenny and I were lucky to be able to have a little anniversary movie and dinner date.  We went to see What to Expect.  It was cute.  
Elting found CC's (my mom) glasses.  She was making the funniest faces when we put them on her.

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