Monday, May 7, 2012


Oh, Kenny and I just had the perfect little weekend planned for our family.  We were going to spend Friday night relaxing and resting, maybe watch and a movie.

Elle and I met up with our friends Stephanie and Sam for a Friday morning at the zoo.  
We had fun but it was hot and crowded.  One of the reasons I love having a
 membership. No pressure to stay very long.

On Saturday, Elle and I were going to walk and exercise while Kenny went to the driving range.  Then we were going to go to the pool for a dip and Elle was going to take a nice long nap before we headed to our friends house for a crawfish and shrimp boil.  We were going to end the weekend with a morning at church and more relaxing.

NONE of that happened.  Nope.  Friday night went sort of okay.  But I felt tired and went to bed early.  When Kenny got into bed I mentioned to him that I was feel a little nauseous.  At 11:00 I sat straight up in bed.  Oh no!  And for 12 more hours that is all I did.  Heave ho. It was awful. By the time I finished throwing up for the last time I felt like I had been hit by a mac truck.  And Kenny made the decision that he and Elle were staying far away from me the entire day.  Which was fine for a lot of reasons.  The last thing I wanted was for either of them to catch this horrible horrible bug.  I am such a baby but I have not had the stomach flu since I was a kid.
 Gatorade, ginger ale, saltine crackers. I couldn't even keep that down. And I have my glorious 
stomach flu to thank for a 4lb weight loss.  I am now under my pre-baby weight.  
Not even going to pretend I am not happy about that little silver lining. I hope to 
only gain a couple of those pounds back when I able to eat again ha! And yes I realize I had t
o break my diet.  Back on track as of Sunday night.  
In crisis mode the no carb no sugar thing had to go!

My friend Mollie, (a saint) managed to track down some Zofran and bring them to me because the wait at a walk in clinic would of been two hours if I wanted to go get a Phenergan shot. So once I had some sweet baby Jesus relief I could finally sleep a little and Kenny and Elle spent the afternoon on a daddy daughter date.  I missed being able to spend time with them but  I love any time they spend together one on one.
Panera Bread for lunch.

My sister was babysitting a little boy yesterday afternoon and his mom invited Kenny and Elle over to play in the pool.   They had a good time.  
She loved this little pool.  Going to have to buy a baby pool I've decided.
Mac and Elle cleaning up after getting dirty in the yard.  

On Sunday, I was feeling much better and was so relieved that my quarantine seemed to have kept Elle and Kenny from getting sick.  I was still so weak so I spent the day on the couch.  I wasn't giving kisses to Elle just yet but I was happy to be able to play with her a little.

So it wasn't the fun weekend that we had planned but we made the best of it.  Kenny was the BEST husband and father to Elle and I.He was at Kroger at 5:30 AM!!!! to buy me fluids and crackers and did not even hesitate to tell me to stay in bed and not to worry about Elle.  He tended to her every need and mine.  We are two lucky girls.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your un-weekend was spent feeling poorly with the stomach flu - not pleasant whatsoever. Glad you're back in business though :)

"Only a stomach flu away from your goal weight!" - My favorite quote from The Devil Wears Prada!