Monday, May 21, 2012


Kenny and I are so excited that after living in our house four years we can FINALLY sit on our patio and enjoy watching Elle play or eat dinner in the evening.

You see, this little old lady lived next door to us.  She had some dogs.  Then it seemed like she had some more dogs.  The dogs liked to bark.  A lot.  Then it turned out that there was a animal hoarding problem that we and every other single neighbor on our street was unaware of and the animal control people came and took all their dogs. Silence.  Beautiful silence.  No more barking snarling dogs.  Hooray!!!

So as another anniversary gift to each other we decided to buy some patio furniture.  Just some simple things but still visually attractive.  I am already loving having the shade to sit under while Elle plays in her pool.

 And Kenny has had these chairs since college but my mom thought they would look cuter in black so she spray painted them this weekend.  Now I am on the hunt for a couple of cute outdoor pillows for each of them and then something unique to put on our little table that my mom found at a flea market.
All in all it is a definite upgrade just in time for summer!! Hooray!!

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