Thursday, May 17, 2012


It's summertime addition!  I apologize in advance for the amount of normal everyday type of photos in this post.  It was just one of those weeks where I took a lot of pictures compared to some weeks where I take zero.  As you will see it is summa summa time and we spent a lot of time in our bathing suits trying to stay cool this week.  

Elle also started going to a PDO program one day a week.  So Kenny and I were feeling all sentimental that this was her first day of "school." I decided on a whim to send her to this program for the summer.  She will start a different one in August. We were thrilled because she looooooooved her first day.  And it might of been a coincidence but that afternoon she pulled up and cruised! Woooohoo we are making progress towards this whole walking thing!
Daddy and his little girl. They adore each other for sure. I love this picture so much!

 A quiet morning doing her favorite past time. 
 All ready for her first day.  I am going to work on getting her some cute school gear (i.e. lunchbox and bag) but like I said this was all last minute so I did the best  I could.  I realize it doesn't matter.
 Excited about being able to indulge in this treat.  Sugar free pudding with light whip cream.  It feels totally indulgent.
 Elle and I went to the zoo first thing the other morning for our morning walk.  We didn't really stop to look at the animals all that much but we will defintely be doing that more often.  Cooler weather, less crowded and all the animals were out and very active.  
 Mommy's favorite animal in the entire world.  Elephants!
 I bought Elle a baby pool to play in at our house.  She was not happy about having to come inside.  She was throwing a fit and rolling around on the floor resulting in the cutest baby wedgie ever!
 We had a play date with our buddies Lindsay and Loftin.  The baby pool and sprinkler were fun but the dirt seemed to be waaaay more fun!
The aftermath.  Kenny somehow managed to spill explode an entire glass of fruit punch Crystal Light all over our den.  Surprisingly he managed to get it out of the carpet.  Whining about all the scrubbing the entire time.

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