Monday, July 15, 2013


We moved to Starkville in March but it seems like we have only stayed in Starkville a few weekends.  Kenny and I were talking on Sunday evening and saying this was the first weekend where we felt like we lived here.  We had a great weekend of low key and local fun.

Friday afternoon Kenny got home from being out of town and Elle and I surprised him with a little happy because he had a stressful week.  Elle was so excited to give him his "prise" (surprise) and wouldn't you know that little stinker told him what it was as she handed it to him.  She remembered us going shopping AND what we got him.  Lesson learned.  Definitely will need to be careful for Christmas.  It was just a World Series t-shirt so no big deal.  But still so funny!
 Waiting to give Daddy the prise.
 Helping Daddy open the prise.
 Saturday morning conference call before we headed to the pool.  I brought Elle and Kenny 
a cinnamon roll from the coffee shop and they were sharing.  So sweet.

Saturday morning we took Elle to the pool and had the best time playing, talking with new people and eatin lunch.  Elle had so much fun with Kenny there and she is really getting a lot more comfortable in the water which makes me happy.
Enjoying a snack and some lounging.

Saturday night, Kenny and I went out for dinner and a movie.  This was our first date night in Starkville which is crazy.  Thanks to my sister we used to have a date night once a week in Memphis and I have missed them a lot. We really liked the babysitter we found through a friends so hopefully date nights will happen more frequently now.

Sunday morning we decided to forgo church for a little time at home.  Kenny went out to the golf course and Elle and I played outside all morning before it got too hot.  I put Elle down for an early nap and then we took her to see Monsters University.  It was her very first movie and we were so excited to take her.  I gave you one picture but I am going to do a whole post on it tomorrow.  Because we were so obnoxious about it.  Kenny and I love movies and have been talking about taking Elle since she was born.  We took a ridiculous amount of pictures.  Oh well!

 Sleepy eyes because this picture was taken at 8:00 am.  We had already watched cartoons, had breakfast, gotten dressed and headed outside. Totally normal.  Life with kids!
Kenny took this picture yesterday.  I always get some cuddles before her nap.  Love my girl.
 Monster University.  Talking to Mike!  She was so excited to go see the monsters.  "Roar."

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