Thursday, July 4, 2013


Well it is Sunday.  We have made it.  It is our last day of Potty Training Bootcamp.  Monday we go back to life as normal.  Kenny will be home, Elle will go to school and I will get back to the gym.  Praise Jesus.  Monday she will go out into the world with all the potty knowledge I have given her and we will see what happens.  Got to make it count today! Ha!
Good morning! I am going crazy being stuck in the house but we are still pretty happy campers!

This morning when I get Elle out of her crib the first thing she says is she wants to go potty.  So I we pull down her pull up and pajamas and she goes! While she is still going I put on her big girl underpants and we are good to go for the morning.  6:30 AM and the girl is already eating M&Ms.  As we head into the kitchen for breakfast I explain to her that I am not setting the timer this morning.  That I want her and I to work together.  She needs to tell me if she needs to go and I will ask and make her go too.  I want to see how this goes.  Mostly for Elle's teachers on Monday.  So they know if they need to try and take her every 30 minutes or so or if she is capable of telling them she needs to go.  If the morning goes rough then we will do the timer in the afternoon.

So far we have had three trips to the potty because she says she needs to go but I suspect she really just wants to flush and she wants more M&Ms.  I only let her do and have M&Ms if she actually goes.  But these faux trips are just good practice I suppose.
Spending some time outside before it gets to hot.
Open this chalk Mommy!

The rest of the day has been smooth sailing. We have had zero accidents.  Elle and I have worked together on going potty.  I have tried to keep her super busy to see if she gets too distracted and has an accident and also to interupt her to go potty so that she can see that when that happens we will always go back to playing.

She goes when I ask her to and a couple of times she has told me she needs to go and then has gone. I am really excited about that.  It has been nice to not have to go every thirty minutes and see what she is capable of.

After her nap we venture out for our first big girl panty wearing trip.  I take her to get frozen yogurt.  We try to use the potty when she gets there and before we get back in the car.  Both times were interesting.  She isn't used to going on a potty without an insert.  So I am a little worried about what we will do if she needs to go when we are out and about.  Anyone have suggestions? Either way we had fun getting out of the house.
Diaper free!
This is the face when she says, "Mommy, what you doing?"
Happy to be out and about.  Both of us I think.

Still no #2.  But we will continue to work on it.


Erin Hern said...

I spotted your blog on Claire's blogroll when it said potty training boot camp. I'm about to be in the middle of that with my 2nd daughter. It took us forever with my first daughter that I don't want to go thru that again. EVER. I was just curious to know how old your little is? Mine will be 2 next month and I'm ready. I think she is too.

Thanks for all the great tips!

j.c. delgaudio said...

Try the towel potty training method.

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