Friday, July 12, 2013


I am back again for Five for Friday posts. I meant to do this last week but got sidetracked with the long holiday weekend.   Here are a few things going on with us this week!

North America - Kenny bought a season pass to this show on Discovery called North America.  It is a nature/animal documentary and it is beautiful to watch.  Although I really cannot stand watching mommy animals losing their babies.  I let Elle watch a little bit of it thinking she might like it.  This picture she was watching a little baby goat trying to cross a rushing river.  She was really worried about the goat ha!

Las Vegas - Book Recommendations Needed! - Kenny and I are headed to Las Vegas next weekend to hang out and relax a little bit before I leave him there for furniture market.  We plan on doing a lot of pool lounging and I cannot wait!  Plus there are the plane flights to consider.  Give me your favorite reads as of late! Note: I have read Gone Girl, Hunger Games, all the Nicholas Sparks books, or any book that has made a pretty big splash in the reading world lately.

Bedtime Routine - As I put Elle bed last night I thought to myself how routine her bedtime routine is and wondered if it would ever change. Her/our bedtime routine has been the same now for months and I love it. For memory purpose I thought I would just jot it down so I can look back and remember these days.  Bath time, lotion, pajamas, brush her teeth, then "Elle try." Meaning she brushes her teeth for a little bit.  Then it is into the rocking chair for three books, many of the ones we own she knows all the words to but we also go to the library and get books to throw in the mix. After books we sing songs.  In the same order. First, Happy and You Know It, then Hokey Pokey then she goes into the den to tell Kenny good night and they sing Twinkle Twinkle and Itsy Bitsy Spider.  If Kenny is doing the routine she comes and tells me goodnight in the den and we sing Deep and Wide and Peanut Butter and Jelly.  Then we sing You Are My Sunshine, Jesus Loves me and say our prayers. After that she goes in her crib. We kiss all her aah aah's (her loveys and stuffed animals) good night and then we both come in and kiss her good night and tell her how much we love her.  She also always ask what we are doing when she wakes up and I always tell her our plans for the morning. Then we cover her up, turn her sound machine on and the monitor and close the door behind us. Nighty night!

New Vice- For years I have gone without caffeine. We don't keep soft drinks in the house either.  And for the past few weeks I have been going to Sonic and getting Route 44 drinks.  My favorite thing to get is Coke Zero add extra cherry syrup.  So yummy.  Buuuuuttt I think I am addicted.  And to caffeine and it is a soft drink. But it is just so hot and the drinks are so cold!  Not good. 

Toddler Apps- Well we have reached the point with Elle where she asks to play a game on the phone. This can be frustrating when I don't really want her to have screen time at that moment. It can also be awesome if we are at the end of our rope during a dinner out or shopping trip.  So I find some solace when the games/apps are educational.  Here are a few of Elle's favorites.  (Keep in mind she is 2 1/2.)
 DoodleBuddy- This came as a recommendation from a teacher.  Her job is actually to integrate these types of apps in the classroom.  She told me that Elle would enjoy this one because it is great for their motor skills, has instant gratification and there is a lot to do in this app.  She was right.  Elle loves this.
 Monkey Preschool Lunchbox - When I first bought this app I was worried it would be too hard for Elle but over time she got the hang of it and has it mastered.  It is usually the first one she pulls up.  It can be a little loud sometimes but it has so many different games in the app itself I can get over it.

Anything by Wonderkind.  They have several apps with different pictures.  When you open the app a pretty picutre is displayed and as Elle touches and explores the picctures they all do different things and make sounds. This app is really sweet and cute and could be great for younger kids too.

I also really like the Duck Duck Moose apps, PBS kids,Whimsy puzzle game, Letters A to Z, Fish School and Farm 123.

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