Thursday, July 11, 2013


I am a little behind on doing this weekend update but better late than never.  We travelled down to Fairhope for the Fourth Of July to visit Kenny's parents.  Kenny had to work a little on the actual day so Elle and I drove down by ourselves and then Kenny arrived that evening.  Once he got into town we headed over to the Yacht Club to have some drinks, eat some BBQ and enjoy being on the water.  We realized when we got there that we should of put the boat in the water for a sunset sail but oh well.

We played and passed the time so that it would get dark enough for the firework show.  The fireworks were over the water and really pretty but didn't start until 9.  We watched about half of the show before we decided to go ahead and leave because Elle was really tired and we were afraid a melt down was looming.
Love all the patriotic colors in this picture.

Enjoying the water and the sailboats.
She looks mad but she was enjoying the rocking.

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing.  I enjoy visiting Fairhope so much because it is such a fun town with great food and shopping.  Plus Mrs. Ann and Mr. Ken want to have Elle all to themselves which allows for Kenny and I to have lots of couple time.  

On Friday, Kenny and I ventured out for some coffee and breakfast and ended up wandering through some shops most of the morning. It was raining and I was in my workout clothes and all gross but it was still a lot of fun.  That night we went to a movie and then went out for a sushi date at Master Joes.  It was lovely!
Date night selfie.

On Saturday we had a big break through in the potty training department.  We finally went the...other in the potty.  We were thrilled!  Elle was so excited to get her first sucker!
I was happier than she was in this picture I think.

Saturday night we went out for some seafood and then ice cream afterwards.

Sunday morning, Elle and I left early to stop in Hattiesburg to see my grandmother who is in the hospital and have some lunch with my mom. Elle was excited to see her CeCe too.  She was spoiled rotten from all the attention she got from her grandparents.
CeCe reading Elle some new books she bought for her.
Passed out on the ride home.  She is always so tired after weekends with the grandparents.  
She plays so hard the entire time.

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