Friday, July 26, 2013


Here we are for our  Five for Friday post! I hope everyone had a great week!

River Time! - I am so excited to head off for a weekend on the river and our friends pontoon boat.  Not just any friends but some my friends from Memphis I haven't see in months.  Can't believe it has been months.  Looking forward to hanging out and catching up. I am super sad because Kenny won't be joining me because he is still in Vegas working.  Elle is excited because she is spending the weekend at Nannee's ( my sister) with my mom!
River Cocktail - I like to come up with something to drink that is a little different on the river.  I found this "healthier" recipe for a pina colada and thinking I might give it a whirl.  Has anyone ever tried anything like this?  I will let you know how it turns out!

Teachers- As I picked Elle up from PDO yesterday and she called out to her teachers and they waved goodbye back I felt so happy.  I worked at the very same preschool Elle goes to for three years as a college student and while I loved it, I also realized I never wanted to be a teacher. It is serious work to love other people's children. It is an amazing feeling to have teachers who celebrate in your daughter's triumphs and to reassure you if she had a rough day.  Those teachers might be having a a tough day themselves but seeing their happy smiles and how much Elle enjoys them just makes me so grateful for them. I pray for Elle that we always have great teachers in her life.

Birthday Gift Ideas - My sister has been bugging me about what she should get me for my BIG birthday and I am just at a loss. I can't think of anything that I really want or need.  To make it worse she and I both agree that since it is such a big birthday it should be something a little sentimental.  I did see this necklace on Pinterest and really like it.  I kind of like the idea since I only have one child right now to have the letter E on one chain and a M and K on the other necklace.  Any opinions?

Naked and Afraid- I watch some crazy stuff on TV and Kenny gets so annoyed by it. I am really into watching this new show my trainer told me about on Discovery.  It is called Naked and Afraid.  Basically it is a survivalist show and they drop a man and a woman who have never met off into some extreme setting naked and they have to survive for 21 days.  These people have all kinds of crazy stuff happen to them.  They lose all kinds of weight because they pretty much starve the entire time.  Sometimes the man and woman argue over who is doing what.  It is so entertaining.  Kenny thinks it is so ridiculous so it has become a little bit of guilty pleasure.  

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Elizabeth said...

We watched a mini marathon of Naked and Afraid this week! Crazy! I'm very intrigued by this show...