Thursday, July 25, 2013


What a fabulous whirlwind trip.  Kenny and I had the best time celebrating my big birthday a little early in Las Vegas.  We arrived in town Saturday morning and got settled in to the Wynn. I cannot say enough fabulous things about the Wynn. I told Kenny I never wanted to stay anywhere else.  The rooms were amazing. The pools were beautiful and comfortable. Everyone who worked there was so friendly and helpful and we did not eat a single bad meal.  And I can say that because we only left the resort for one meal. For memory's sake some of the places we ate were Red 8, The Cafe and Le Cave.  We decided to dine more low key and not make any reservations and that was the way to go.  That way we weren't pressured or rushed into anything.

We also saw a show at the Wynn.  Le Reve, and it was so good.  Love is still my favorite but Le Reve was completely different.  This one used water in all their stunts and that was so fun to watch.  

The entire trip was so relaxing and exactly how I wanted it to be.  When Kenny and I talked about me going out there I told him I wanted to lay by the pool and read, eat at fun places, go to a show and do a little shopping.  All of that was achieved.  I was so sad to have to leave Kenny there on Tuesday but was so excited to get home and hug my Elle!

Alright here are some pictures overload from the trip!

Kenny and I were starving when we got into town ( despite having ordered one of those funny 
little snack boxes on the plane because we were so hungry.  It was actually pretty good btw) 
so we grabbed a quick lunch and then hit up the pool.
It was cloudy and sprinkled a little on us on the second day but we just wanted to lay and do nothing.  We dozed and read and talked and actually ended up getting brown even though we never really saw the sun.  It was so relaxing.
After having a long and delicious dinner at Le Cave (they do wine and tapas) we went to my favorite little bar at the Wynn to have a cocktail.  Parasol Up, Parasol Down.  It overlooks the fountain where they do a light show every 30 minutes.  Plus the parasols in the picture move slowly up and down.  It is all very whimsical plus the drinks are delish!
Cocktail selfie!
Waiting on the light show and watching the parasols.  

Then it was time for the show!
This is Tulips.  It is a metal sculpture that Steve Wynn purchased for a cool 34 million dollars and it was beautiful in person.  I read in a magazine while there that it will eventually be moved to China where they are building a Wynn.
We finally got the guts up to ask someone to take a picture of us.  Vacationing as a couple can be tough ha! The guy we ended up asking was totally wasted but at least we got a good pic!

These flowers came down from the ceiling at the end and were beautiful!
Another selfie.  At the show!
Kenny took this picture as I won $5 dollars on the slot machine.  I was pumped.  We DO NOT gamble very much at all.  That is why I was so excited to win.  But then I cashed out and the machine decided to hate me and I lost it again.  

The last day we were there we spent most of our time at the pool and then did a little more shopping.  That night we ventured over to the Cosmopolitan because I had not walked through that one and Kenny wanted to show it to me.   I don't have any interest in staying there but would like to try some of the restaurants there next time.  We met up with some friends at Holsteins (burger and shakes yum!) that arrived in town for market and had a great dinner.  
Loved this cow at Holsteins!

I just appreciate Kenny so much for treating me to a little relaxation time for my birthday.  He knows I am a little shocked at how old I am turning this year and also knows he always has to be at market on my actual birthday so he went far and beyond to make me feel special.  I love going on trips with him and we had so much fun.  Love you babe!

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