Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I sang that song to her a lot before we left and I think I have already managed to embarrass her at the ripe old age of 2.  Lets go to the movies Ellllllltttttiiiiinnnnggg, waaaait and seeeeeeee!  She looked at me like I was crazy

Sunday afternoon we took Elle to her first movie.  Kenny and I love going to the movies and watching movies so we were so excited to take her. Kenny would of taken her at 6 months if I had let him.  Sunday we took it easy and put Elle down for an early-ish nap so we would have plenty of time to get ready and get to the theatre.  We majorly talked up the movies, the theatre and went over acceptable movie theatre behavior over and over.  She seemed to understand and knew that we were going to the Monsters movie. 

Kenny and I were so ready to go we got there a bit early.  Okay, a lot early.  We were early we were going to have to leave before we even got in to see the movie.  But we passed the time going to the potty a lot and taking a lot of pictures.  Then it was time to get all the popcorn and snacks so we managed to make it all work.

She did great.  She got a little restless at the end but the movie kind of dragged on a bit.  She really liked it and loved the popcorn which is just like Kenny. The popcorn is Kenny's main reason for going to movies. So we definitely considered it a success and had a great time.  

We are already planning our next movie.

Elle waiting for the "Now Seating" sign to come on.
Elle and Daddy at the movies
Elle getting her student ID made.  So silly but I love this picture.
A picture before the movie started.  She was watching the commercials on the screen.

Elle taking it all in.

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