Friday, February 21, 2014


Happy Belated Valentine's.  We don't usually celebrate Valentine's a whole lot.  We might cook out and get each other a card.  But this year with it two days after our big move it took all the effort we had to even get each other cards.  Kenny did get Elle a card and a balloon which she was absolutely thrilled with.  She is still carrying around that balloon.  So looks like a balloon was the perfect happy for her.

Even after moving I did manage to get Elle's put together for her Parents Day Out party.  I tried to come up with something that did not involve candy.  I found these little monster stress balls on Oriental Trading Company and designed the little card I attached myself. I was happy with the way they turned out.
Happy Valentine's from Elle!

Elle was so excited to show me her Valentine's Bag from all her friends.  She got a bunch of cute things.  She was anxious to open a candy bracelet.  She has never had one before and it confused her a little.  She could not get the candy off at first and then when I showed her that she could wear it too. Well that just blew her mind.
I can eat this and wear this?

Pleased as punch with her balloon from Daddy. And in the background total chaos.
After two or three days of unpacking my back was just shot.  By the end of the day I could barely get into boxes or pick up the wrapping paper on the floor.  So I decided to make it into a really awesome game for Elle.  Let's pick up the paper and stuff it into bags.  Wow!  Isn't this sooooo much fun! She thought it was a blast and it was big help to me.  She lost interest after 5 minutes but a lot of paper still got put into the trash so win win!
Playing our really fun game!
Stuffing it into the trash can.

I am a little behind on this post but we are pretty much settled in.  I have one last box to unpack.  It is so nice to be home and have so many of our things back with us that have been in storage or have been in boxes for the last month.  We are loving the new house!

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