Wednesday, February 12, 2014


This might be really boring but I wanted to document our empty house before we move in. With it being brand new it will never ever be this clean and pristine again.  Plus right now it is a blank slate.  My plan for this house because we plan on staying here for a long while is to decorate intentionally.  I have several pieces from my grandmother's house, my mother's house and from estate sales that I am going to bring in and put them where I think I want them before I decide what color I want to paint them or refinish them.  I plan to take my time picking curtains and art and all the other things.  We aren't rushing out to buy a bunch of new furniture.  We are just going to take our time.  I want this house to be mine and full of things I love and that takes time and money.  So being intentional about it all is my goal.

It is hard to take iPhone pictures that really let you get an idea of how the house is but oh well.Plus the lighting is terrible but I knew we were about to start moving stuff in and this was the last time it would be empty for me to take pictures.  I did not even bother to take any pictures of the bedrooms because they are just rooms. Walls windows, closets. 

When you walk in it is all one room pretty much.  Kitchen dining and den are all one room. 
Left top: Kitchen standing in the dining room. Left Bottom: Dining area (looks small but we will be getting a large farm table for the area-stupid iphone. Right-closer view of kitchen
Left top: downstairs guest bath  Right top: downstairs guest room Bottom: Part of the den.
This is all normal house stuff but some of the things I am most excited about. Top Left: Pantry Bottom Left: Mud bench (and the wall is grey on the stairs.  It looks green.  It is not.) Right: Laundry room
Top Left: Master Bedroom Top Right: Hallway going to master closet and master bath.
Bottom Left and Right: Master bath
Bonus Room/Bedroom which will be an additional family room and playroom.
Left: Landing at top of the stairs where we plan to put Kenny's desk and make a sitting area. Right Top: Elle's half of the Jack and Jill Bathroom upstairs.  The other half is identical.  Bottom Right:  Elle's closet.  Lucky girl.
Back patio which we will build a stone fireplace in the fall.  We plan to have an outdoor sectional and of course a TV so we can watch Mississippi State football in the fall.  

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Cathy Schwartz said...

Your house look gorgeous, and it’s definitely worth sharing! And at the very least, you have archives to check and compare with after doing some decorating. That, and the future you can look back and see how much your home has changed over the years. Cheers!

Cathy Schwartz @ Best Rate Removals