Monday, February 24, 2014


Last week we headed to Memphis for a few days for some doctors appointments.  I am so busy when we go to Memphis because I always have so much to do. I need to hit up a Target always and then usually a few other stores.  I need to see my sister, I need to see my friends, then we have the doctors appointments and then we always try to get Elle and her good friend Loftin together to play.

If you have been reading for very long then you know Loftin and Elle have been play dating it up for a very long time.  It is so funny because Elle was such a late walker.  We would come over and play in their back yard all the time and Loftin would just run circles around Elle while she crawled around in the grass and got dirty.  Regardless they still love each other dearly and play together so well.  It also is fun because Lindsay (Loftin's mom) and I became good friends so it is always fun to just come hang out.

The weather was beautiful the other day and we probably over stayed our welcome but Elle was having such a good time and getting dirty.  Something we don't do all too often and she was loving it!
Going for a spin! It still boggles my mind that they make toys that involve children behind a wheel and driving.

Elle was so confused by the dirt but thrilled by it too.
Waiting on their picnic lunch,
Enjoyed their picnic lunch and the lovely day and then....boys will be boys.
Filthy feet!

Elle and I are so lucky to have friends like Loftin and Lindsay!(and the rest of the Boggan family)

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