Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Yes that is right.  We are officially homeowners again! It feels kind of surreal.  Tomorrow will be our last day in the condo.  The movers arrive Wednesday morning.  I am praying the weather holds out.  There is a possibility of snow and ice tomorrow and I absolutely do not want to spend another day eating off of paper plates and squeezing through boxes. In the meantime I am completely devoting myself to Olympic coverage to keep my mind off of it all. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for an official iPhone picture home tour.  

Thursday we went to Elle's new favorite thing.  Open gym at the gymnastics facility here in Starkville.  A lot her friends from her PDO class come and she loves it so much.  It only lasts an hour and that hour flies by.  We have so much fun!
It is nice because they blow up some smaller bouncy things.  So often we have to skip these at events because they are crowded and there are a lot of bigger kids on them and it is scary for Elle.  This one is perfect.
Foam Pit progress.  She got her head stuck after she willingly let me throw her in the very first time we went to open gym and she hasn't been back in since until this week.  She was so proud of herself.  

After I picked Elle up from PDO on Friday we headed to Hattiesburg to spend the weekend.  Kenny was gone all last week for market and I needed a break plus I had a hair appointment.  It was a low key weekend with my mom.  We got take out.  Watched the Opening Ceremonies, shopped for furniture and a few other items for the new house and just hung out. Elle enjoyed spending some time with CeCe.
My mom keeps a box full of my grandmother's costume jewelry to play with at her house. 
And of course we stopped by Jody's Bakery for a duck cookie.  I think I like their cookies more than she does.
Furniture shopping and cheesing it up with CeCe.

Our closing meeting with the attorney was early afternoon on Monday.  Elle was done with PDO and I felt confident she would do okay if we brought her.  Of course we came armed with an arsenal of snacks, drinks and electronics but everyone doted on her and how well she behaved.  I can't take much credit.  The pictures are cute though.
Here we are watching a little Caillou on the iphone.  We love those headphones.  Our sweet mortgage lender, Darlene getting a kick out of it all. Not sure why she is making that face.
Totally engrossed.
When we dropped by the house after closing so I could drop some stuff off. The builders and our new across the street neighbors (they are the same) had left left us some happies.  We received a beautiful piece of pottery and they were so sweet and got Elle a new bunny.  Tamra thought she might need a new friend on her first night in her new room.  She adores it and did not let go of it the rest of the day and night.
Giving her new bunny a squeeze.

House tour tomorrow!

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Ash Culpepper said...

So you've got a new follower now! I was googling how to address an envelope to the Laceys and your blog appeared. And then I read a little to find out you're in Starkville? I'm a State fan also married to a Lacey, how fun. Congrats on the home!