Friday, February 7, 2014


So have I mentioned the last few days that it has been super cold this winter?  Global warming is wreaking total havoc on the south.  I joked with Kenny that one day our children's children will live in a frozen tundra.  I hope no!  Starkville even got a small dusting of snow one morning.  I wasn't really all that excited about.  I really hate the cold.  But Elle was so excited.  She was convinced Elsa from Frozen made it snow.
Trying to catch snow flakes with her tongue.  Naturally.

I bought this silly hat for Elle at Walgreens before the freezing cold Egg Bowl.  She insisted on wearing it on this freezing cold morning on the way to Bible Study.
I posted this picture on Instagram and had to include it. I do not think Kenny could dote on one little girl any more.

This past weekend I needed a little girl time after Kenny being gone for so long for market.  He gladly let me run off to Memphis with Sara for shopping, a wonderful dinner downtown and Wicked at the Orpheum.  He was happy to have some time with Elle too.
He took this sweet picture of Elle on Friday when she got home from school.  She was so proud of her sun.  Also, please notice how we are living right now.  Total mess of packed boxes.  So ready to move!
Waiting on Wicked to start.  We were sitting front row.  I have seen Wicked before but this performance was so much better.  The girl playing Elphaba was amazing!

Saturday morning, Kenny texted me telling me that Elle was running a fever and not feeling well at all. She very rarely gets sick. This might of been her third fever ever.  I gave instructions on what medicine to go get.  Kenny went to get it and then picked up some donuts he had promised her before going home.  As soon as they got home, she threw up for her first time ever.  She was so pitiful.
Look at that face.  She felt so terrible. Makes me so sad.

She ran a fever all weekend and started to feel better if we were keeping her fever down. Monday morning she was still running a fever so I took her to see the doctor.  She was so excited to have a checkup. Ha! You can tell she doesn't have a whole lot of bad experiences with doctors.
Waiting on the doctor to come in and give her her checkup.

A double ear infection and now she is happily taking her bubble gum medicine.  Hoping it all goes away soon! Go away winter!

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