Thursday, February 6, 2014


That's right! Let's just keep rolling on with this hodge podge of daily life.  To start off...oh how we are loving to dress up.  I knew this day would come and I so looked forward to it. While sometimes it can be a small pain to put on and take off the dresses it is all still so worth it to hear and see the stories and pretend games she comes up with.  It makes me laugh constantly and we have so much fun.

She got three dresses from my mom for Christmas from Little Adventures and they are wonderful!  A little pricey but so worth it.  Easy to take on and off, soft not scratchy and washable. I plan to buy more from them. We have also bought other much less expensive ones. They are still fun.
Playing Snow White on this day.  I had to get her some other dresses though because while this is one of the prettier dresses, Snow White is my least favorite princess.

Since it has been so cold we try to get outside when it is at least a nice warm 40 degrees!
One of my favorite pictures as of late. I love these two so incredibly much!

I am also so grateful to have started making some good friends here in Starkville.  You might remember at times I was feeling pretty lonely.  We are settled in now and I will say that even having just a few friends makes all the difference.  What makes it even better when their children are the same age.  That makes for great play dates and some grown up visiting at times too. One of my good friends, Sara, has a little girl named Abigail.  They are in the same class at school and have become best buds. (Despite the occasional bicker) That is normal for this age right? Sara and her family live right around the corner in our new neighborhood.  I am expecting lots of fun with them this summer.
Abigail came over to play one morning so we had a picnic lunch on the floor.  

Playing dress up.  I was so relieved when Elle gladly let Abigail be Elsa.  Elsa is usually our top pick.Play dates can sometimes be stressful for Mommy.
The game day condo we rent is for sale. Please if anyone is interested in a beautiful game day condo let me know! It needs to sell!  One afternoon we had to get out for a showing so Elle and I had a fun little coffee date at my favorite coffee shop, Nine-Twenty-Nine.

Kenny recently got home from Las Vegas market.  Ugg, Las Vegas market is so long and we get so used to Kenny being home after the holidays.  We miss him and the days are long for me.  One night we went over to Sara in tshirts and yoga pants for pizza and to let the kids play.  Another of our friends joined us with her girls, one who is also in Elle and Abigail's class.  They have a fun little group of girls in their grade. It was fun night.
They got quiet at one point and we found them applying make up to each other.  Emily refused to be in this picture. Ha!

My mom also came in to town for the weekend while Kenny was in Vegas to help me start packing.  This was our attempt to keep Elle occupied.  This lasted all of 2 seconds. We did manage to get a ton of packing done.
Sending selfies to Daddy again.

It was kind of barely nice enough to go to the park one day.  We were dying for some fresh air.  It was chilly but Elle enjoyed a good swing. I love this picture!

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