Wednesday, February 5, 2014


So hello! Are my thousands of readers more disappointed than I am in myself for blogging one measly time in January? I am so sad.  We haven't been doing all that much when it comes to the excitement scale but for some reason I have felt like we are busy. So coming in the next few days will be a few consecutive photo dump and totally random posts.  I will try to bring us up to speed as quickly and unrambly as I can.

Can I just say that part of my extreme frustration is that my computer isn't recognizing my iPhone when I plug it in so my photos are automatically uploading meaning I have to manually email all my pictures to myself and then save them that way.  It is a PAIN!!

Yes. I realize I have barely spoken about our move.  We are moving in a week and I have barely muttered a word about it.  The reason is I keep meaning to get over to the house and take pictures (better than iPhone pictures) and post them on here and do a real post about it.  Here is a little sneak preview!
Isn't she a beaut!  We stumbled across this brand spanking new house being sold by the builders a few days before Thanksgiving and fell in love.  It wasn't completely finished so I was able to make a few minor decisions like back splash and blinds and things like that.  We have enjoyed getting to know the builders and are excited because they will be our new neighbors.  They are building their new house across the street.  We are so excited to get in before summer because this neighborhood is chock full of young families with tons of kids Elle's age.  The street over has a cart path connected to our country club so the swimming pool will be a short golf cart ride away!  I swear I will get over there and post more pictures soon!

Most of our days have been spent trying to have lots of fun all while not freezing our tails off.  It has already been quite the winter. We have become huge fans of open gym day at the local gymnastics place and of course the tried and true Chick Fil A. Come on summer!
 Taking selfies to send to Daddy.  
 One freezing morning I needed to run a ton of errands and Elle hates leaving the house when she is in the middle of playing which is always.  So I bribed her with her favorite thing in the entire world.  Donut holes.  It totally worked and we were both happy campers.
And speaking of running errands. We can't leave our house without a purse filled to the brim with princesses.

We have been trying to get to as many basketball games as we can.  We have started SEC play and those games are a lot more fun.  Bigger crowd means better atmosphere.  Elle loves her Bulldog hoops almost as she loves her football.  We will see when baseball starts where that falls on the the list.
 Love that little scrunched up face.
Serious conversations with Daddy.  I am sure it was during a time out.

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Ashley said...

Love the house it's beautiful! Omg so cute needing the purse!