Monday, December 28, 2015


The first weekend that Elle was out of school we had a home basketball.  We get so busy during basketball season sometimes we do not make it to the games.  But we love going to them.  Kenny and I have talked about doing some of the later as date nights.  Dinner and a basketball game where I actually get to watch some of the game sounds like a ton of fun to me! This was the first game that we took Walker.  He really enjoyed all the action and of course Elle always loves the games.  

This game was extra fun because it was a small crowd due to the holidays so we got some one on on with Bully and Santa came during half time to read The Night Before Christmas!  Elle saw one of her best little friends from school, Violet, so she was really happy about that!
Elle and Violet with a Santa photobomb 
Elle and Bully.  We have come a long way with our Bully picture courage.
The boys hanging out at the game.

After the game Kenny and I came and freshened up and went to a fun and cozy dinner out with Jay and Margaret at J. Broussards. Kenny and I had never been there to eat but it was good and fun to go somewhere different.
The girls and the Christmas tree.
The boys.

That Sunday, Elle and I whipped up some pretzel turtles together to deliver to a few friends and neighbors.  I made these for a holiday party I had a few weeks ago and she went absolutely nuts for them.  I promised her we could make them together the next time.  She did great and managed not to lick her fingers the entire time.  She may of eaten a few pecans and Rolos though.
Pushing the pecans down on the warm chocolates.
We took a golf cart ride to deliver them.  This was our neighbor across the street.  She was excited and probably telling me where to park!

On Monday the forecast was gross.  Actually the forecast was gross for the whole Christmas week and it delivered. I was so determined to get the kids out of the house every day for at least a little while because we just go kind of bonkers when we don't leave the house.  But we managed to get to the Country Club park for a little bit before it started raining on us.
Walker's first time to go swinging at the Country Club park.
Family selfie on the golf cart.
Just had to thrown this picture in.  Elle wanted to hold Walker while he was taking his bottle.  
He tolerated it.  It was pretty cute!

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