Thursday, December 3, 2015


A few weeks ago.  After a very busy football weekend. Our house guests left and Elle immediately fell apart because she was tired and was complaining of an ear ache.  Walker was also tired and possibly ready for a nap but we had already planned on getting dressed in our Christmas finest and going to see Santa.  In a small town there aren't a whole lot of opportunities to see Santa and this is a cute little event that includes a good picture taken by a photographer.  So we soldiered on.  We were committed.  So I got the kids dressed.  Then forced them to pose for some pictures.  I have a picture framed of the two of them from Cookies with Santa from last year where Walker was only a few weeks old and Elle was holding him and I love it.  So I wanted to recreate the moment.
Like I said they weren't to thrilled about this excursion at first.  
Especially the mandatory photo obligation with my iPhone!
Okay.  Getting better.  We aren't screaming.
There we go! There are the twinkly eyes and smiles.
Here is the picture I was trying to recreate and I just absolutely die.  Of course Walker has 
changed so much but it absolutely kills me how much older Elle looks.  

So we pull up to Cookies with Santa and walk to the ticket line to find out that Santa has not made his arrival.  That he may be running late.  But after the difficult morning and all the effort we thought it would make sense to wait a little while, plus we were standing by some friends in line so we were fine visiting.   
Walker and Kenny waiting on Santa to arrive.

Fifteen minutes later there was an announcement.  Santa would not be coming.  The event coordinators apologized and promised to reschedule. (they did but we weren't able to come on the make up day) They offered us a complimentary picture with the professional photographer in the pretty backdrop where Santa was supposed to sit.  Since we were towards the front of the line we went ahead and wait to have our picture taken.
These are the two pictures we got.  They are cute!

Surprisingly enough Elle was not too concerned that Santa was a no show.  She wasn't feeling to hot and was little preoccupied with an impending visit the urgent care.  Our friend's little girl did blurt out while we were standing in line "What if Santa died?!"  The mom's reaction was priceless.  "What?! Santa can't die! Don't say that again! The other kids might hear you!" Elle and Kenny came up with a few explanations of why Santa might not of been able to make it.  Like one of his reindeer was sick or that he was just too busy making toys.  But we haven't talked about Santa's no show since!

We did however go to the Urgent Care and confirm that Elle had an ear infection.  I'm still glad we went and tried to see Santa and got some sweet pictures.

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