Thursday, December 17, 2015


Saturday morning we woke up and Kenny and I were feeling completely awful.  But on the agenda for the morning was going to one of our favorite Christmas spots and seeing Santa.  So as parents you do what you have to do! You push on!

So we had a relaxing morning and waited for my  sister to get home from Nashville.  She went for the night to see Amy Shumer.  Totally jealous! She said it was awesome! Then we headed out for the Pink Palace.

We have been going to the Enchanted Forest for years.  It is not some amazing thing but Elle has always really enjoyed it.  We like looking at all the decorated trees and then the mechanical animals are cute and play to the children's sense of Christmas magic.  And we love the Santa and the photographer there.  The Santa this year was actually a different Santa but was still great and the photographer always has the best tricks to get the kids attention and you pay 10 bucks for a 5x7 framed pic.  You can't beat that!

This was the first year that Walker came with us.  He was too small last Christmas and Kenny and Elle came just the two of them.  He loved it so much! HIs favorite thing by far was the electric trains. We watched them go around and around for a long time.  It made being there and feeling bad all worth it!  

Now for a few pictures of course!
Walker and Elle have to eat breakfast next to each other.  Being at Nannees house is no exception!  Please look at the way Walker is looking at her.  He adores her!
We had to take Elle's picture with this snowman.  I have three to four years worth of pictures with this very snowman! It is just as big of a tradition. 
We tried to get Walker in on the tradition but he just wanted to crawl away.  So then he got mad because we wouldn't let him crawl and this is the best we could get.  He will be gung ho next year!
Checking in on the little beavers in their igloo with Nanee.

This is my favorite picture.  Love them looking at that sweet fox together!

The trains.  Watching the trains go around and around.

Elle chose this as her favorite Christmas tree out of all of them and so I told her I wanted her picture with it. This is how she posed.  In.trouble.

Once you have walked through all the trees and animals you get to Santa. Elle started to chicken out. She said she didn't want to sit on Santa's lap or take a picture with him. We told her that was completely fine but that we wanted Walker to meet and take his picture with him.  I was really hoping for a screaming Santa picture.  We have many for Elle.  Upon getting closer Elle saw that Santa had candy canes and decided that was worth getting in on the picture.  So we did a quick snap with Walker and Santa and then did the two of them together.  Walker was his normal happy go lucky self when you hand him to someone else.  He didn't mind at all!  I was okay with that because the picture we got was adorable!
Santa 2015

After we left Enchanted Forrest we hit up Babalu for lunch and to celebrate my sister.  My children were actually pleasant in a restaurant for a change and my mom got into town in time to meet us.  The rest of the afternoon was spent resting and Elle ran a few errands with CeCe and Nannee. 

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