Tuesday, December 22, 2015


So I still have one more blog post from the weekend where we went to Memphis.  Eek! So the Sunday that we were there we took Elle downtown for lunch and to see the broadway play the Newsies.  I was feeling better for the most part but it took everything Kenny had to get in the car to go.  We even tried to talk Elle into letting Daddy stay home.  She was not having that.  So he came along and ended up doing okay.

When I took Elle to see Cinderella without Kenny, we ate at Aldo's and loved it.  Elle was dying to bring Kenny there so he could play with the pizza dough! It was a dreary and extremely windy day but we still have to take a picture in the giant tree downtown.  It was really pretty! 

We are all about some poses these days!

We got to Aldo's and Elle quickly found the window where she could watch them make the pizza dough and cut it into pie portions!

Then the dough was delivered and Elle was pumped!
Please look at this pose.  She was keyed up!
 Making creations with the dough!

After Elle ate some lunch and Kenny and I had a few bites because that is all we could stomach we walked over to the Orpheum for the matinee. I have seen the Newsies before.  I saw it in New York.  I was excited to see it again! This was Kenny and Elle's first time to see it!
We always take a picture of her in front of the marquee!
It was so windy but still got a decent enough family picture too!
Waiting for the show to start!

The show was great! Kenny manage to make it through even feeling bad and enjoyed it.  Elle liked it but didn't do as well at this play as she has done at others.  I chalk it up to the very busy weekend we had and her being pretty tired plus the story line being a little more mature.  There was even a point in the second act that we thought we were going to have to leave but she got more interested and managed to make it through to the end. It still means so incredibly much to me to bring her to these plays!

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