Thursday, December 31, 2015


Christmas Eve  we had a big breakfast and we all sat at the table to eat together. Craig brought us these home made cinnamon rolls that a local makes and they were amazing.  I scrambled some eggs too.  I am sure that I have mentioned this before but Elle loves for us to eat together as a family. So we make a real effort to do it a lot.  Kenny took the kids out to run some errands and I showered so I would be ready for church later and got the cookies baked for our annual Santa cookie decorating session!

Walker went down for a nap and we got to decorating.  I hated for Walker to miss cookie decorating but he had to have a nap to make it through the church service in the afternoon and he really is too little still anyway. I would say these cookies were our best yet! We are getting better and better at decorating.  Usually Kenny is the only one that makes any that are pretty to look at, but this year I did some good ones and Elle too.  They were totally yummy and we were proud to leave them out for Santa!
Kenny taking lots of time and effort on his Christmas tree cookie.
Mommy daughter cookie selfie.
Proud of my Christmas tree with my favorite kind of sprinkles.
An arial view of the action
Family shot minus our sweet Walker.
Some of the finished goods.
Kenny's gingerbread man wearing his ugly sweater.

Late afternoon we all went to church together and managed to make it through the entire service.  I was sad that we couldn't go to the candlelight service because it is my favorite but it just isn't feasible with small children.  We were happy to be there together and hear the good news!

When we got home we grilled steaks and I roasted brussel sprouts and potatoes.  Elle and Walker changed into their matching pajamas that Charlie the elf brought them that morning along with a note telling Elle that she could give Charlie a hug goodbye before he left to go back to the North Pole with Santa.  She was able to do this last year and she looked forward to those hugs and kisses from Charlie all day.  
Elle posing in front of the tree with her pajamas and her favorite cowboy boots.
Brother sister poses.  Love these two babies so much.  

They love each other a whole lot too.
Then it was time to give Charlie some love!

Santa came!

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