Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Elle was in school all last week but they were all half days.  That two hours makes a big different and left me pretty busy.  Not to mention Elle was having lots of extra activities at school. Party treats, teacher treats and stuff for Walker's PDO too. Busy busy! We managed to make it through the week and into the weekend.  Elle had such a fun week at school! 
Elle got in the car one day when I picked her up early for a dentist appointment (no cavities) and her teacher Mrs. Suzanne had given them these hats.  She was loving it.  She even wore it into a store to grab a quick stocking stuffer for Daddy.  It cracked me up!
With all the fun days planned for Elle's class, she looked the most forward to pajama and Polar Express day.  She could not wait!  She chose to wear this sweet gown that Gramma got her last year. This day at school delivered too.  She came home thrilled that they 
got to eat popcorn and watch the Polar Express with all her friends.

On Friday, Elle had her class party.  All the parents brought fun treats and each child had pulled another name and bought a gift for a Secret Santa. Elle had pulled her little friend Audrey's name.  I wasn't able to tell her that though because I was afraid she would tell Audrey so I casually asked Elle who Audrey's favorite princess was.  We gifted her a Belle doll and a princess paint and coloring book.  Elle was so excited to hand her gift over.  All the kids had their presents and there was this moment where Elle was standing there and was the only one that did not have a gift.  I calmly pointed out to Mrs. Suzanne and a couple mom friends that Elle didn't have a gift.  We looked around and didn't see any extra presents anywhere and then a little panic ensued.  Who knows what the moms were about to wrap up! Elle was handling it so well but was starting to look a little sad. Finally we found her gift.  It was in her Secret Santa Lucy's backpack.  Thank goodness! Elle received a book! She was thrilled!
Listening to Mrs. Jeanette read a Christmas book before the party started.
Elle handing over her present to Audrey in the middle.

Sweet friends.
Me with my sweet girl.
Elle with her Secret Santa present.

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