Tuesday, December 29, 2015


So turns out. Santa! We know him! And the other night after we had put the kids to bed and were watching a movie on the couch we heard a tap tap on our door.  It was Santa.  He thought perhaps the kids were still awake. It was 8:30 so that was a no.  But Santa still wanted to have some fun and take some pictures!
Kenny was a good boy so he got a picture with the ol Saint Nick.
Next up Santa had a visit with our elf, Charlie.  Elle loves our elf so much so it was extra special that Santa wanted to play him an extra visit.
Santa insisted that I take a picture with him too even though I was in my pajamas.

Then we thought it would be fun for Santa to sneak up and see Elle while she slept.  We were all so nervous he would wake her up.  We managed to get one quick picture and then she stirred and we all ran out of the room.  But what a fun picture!  

And finally there was a picture left next to Charlie's perch of him and Santa together.  When Elle woke up she found the picture and was so absolutely thrilled that Santa had come to our house the night before and visited with Charlie.  The magic in her eyes and her voice as she ran over to Kenny to tell him.  It was all just the sweetest!

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