Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Last night, despite the rain we head out for some Mexican food and then one of our favorite events.  The Starkville Christmas Parade. This year's theme was a Star Spangled Christmas. So cute! It was raining pretty hard when we first arrived but thankfully right as the parade kicked off the rain pretty much stopped.  The start of the parade is all the motorcycle cops. They come down Main Street with their lights flashing and their sirens going.  Walker was completely mesmerized.  He was in the Bob Stroller at the time but sat straight up and was paying close attention!  We got him out so he could see them better when they came back by again.  I bet he enjoys the mardi gras parades this year. He was equally mesmerized by the fire trucks.  It was so cute!  

We all enjoyed the parade.  Kenny and I always joke that it makes us feel like we live in one of those towns in a Hallmark movie.  Very small and quaint.   We saw lots of people we knew that were walking in the parade and waved at all our friends as they went by.  At the end Santa wrapped up the parade! We were so excited to see him and excited for the Christmas season to be here officially!

Watching the police motorcycles come by.  Hence the blue hue.
Elle and Daddy checking out the crowd when we got there.
Walker and Mommy before the parade started.
Kenny getting some sweet cuddles from Kenny.

Some of the fun floats.


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