Wednesday, December 16, 2015


I realize it is Wednesday and I am just now working on this past weekend's posts but it is the holidays and Elle has half days of school all week so been a little busy.  Why they decided to have half days the week before Christmas break is beyond me.  I'm running around trying to get everything done and they go and let school out early and mess up Walker's naps to boot. Ay yi yi!

Anyway this past weekend we went to Memphis for a weekend of family fun! And we did have some fun but Kenny and I had a stomach bug all weekend while we were there so that threw a small kink in our plans. We still managed to do all the things we planned to do but there ended up being a lot of resting because we felt so weak.

The first night we were there Kenny took Elle to Starry Nights for a magical carriage ride.  Last Christmas he started this tradition.  It is an ultimate Daddy daughter date! They go to dinner together and then Kenny arranges for a personal carriage through the beautiful light display.  She thinks it is the most fun! They lucked out this year because we are having an extremely warm winter so far. Walker and I stayed home.  I gave him a bath and got into bed the second he went to bed.  No exaggeration I was in bed at 6.  I read a few pages of a book and was out!
Walker getting a good scrub down!
Relaxing in bed at 6 PM.  I didn't even eat dinner.

Now for some  carriage ride pictures!

After the carriage ride was over they stopped off for a night cap at our favorite bakery in Memphis.  Christmas cookies were in order!

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