Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Thought I would do a short post on the solar eclipse of 2017.  I got an email from a friend months before these solar eclipse even started to become a big deal and I kind of just rolled my eyes. But as the eclipse got closer everyone really started talking about it and the news started going nuts.  There was a shortage on the approved glasses so you could look at the sun during the eclipse. This whole eclipse thing was kind of sheer mayhem.  The first solar eclipse in 100 years! The schools sent home a letter and we were all excited that they would be bringing all the kids at school outside to watch it and were providing glasses for them. They also wanted them to dress in bright socks and bright t-shirts. "As bright as the sun." You know I had to take a picture of how cute Elle looked! It was all happening on a Tuesday so Walker was home with me!
Elle dressed as bright as the sun for the 2016 Solar Eclipse.

So our most eclipse moment was around 1:30. And I totally didn't have any glasses but I thought Walker and I could go outside and just check out what was going on outside since it was supposed to get dark. It was really cloudy and had even rained some during the day. I was worried the kids wouldn't be able to see the eclipse at all.  But even though I wasn't supposed to I would glance up through the clouds and could kind of see it all happening. It also got pretty dark and I enjoyed listening to the birds stop chirping. It really did turn out to be cool. As Walker and I were outside my friend Laura who lives a few houses down came out and was looking at the eclipse and she had some glasses. So Walker and I drove down to meet her and peek through her glasses!
Even without glasses I was able to see a little through the clouds. Probably ruined my eyes!

Walker and I had fun playing outside during the eclipse.

After we drove the cart down to use Laura's glasses so Walker could see the eclipse. 
I'm not sure he ever looked up though. Guess he will catch the next one!
Selfie wit my friend Laura! Thanks for letting us use the glasses!

When I picked Elle up from school I couldn't wait to hear how her day had gone and what she thought of the eclipse! She was so excited to tell me about it and really enjoyed watching it with her school. She was excited to show us her glasses and they also had bead bracelets that changed colors in the sun! It was really fun day!
So excited to show off her bracelet!
Made her recreate the moment of watching the eclipse.
Sporting her cool NASA approved glasses.

And Kenny took part in the eclipse too! He was on the road working and doing his thing seeing accounts. But one of his accounts had some glasses and he was able to see the eclipse some then and also while he was on the road. All in all it turned out to be super fun and super cool! In quite a few years Mississippi will be in total totality and we figured out that Elle and Walker will have children of their own them! I can only hope we get to all see together!

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