Monday, August 21, 2017


Last week was my 34th birthday and I had an absolutely fantastic week! It actually got kicked off by sweet Elle the second she got home from Memphis from her weekend with CeCe and Nanee. She is so much like her Daddy and absolutely could not stand to wait to give me her gift that she had picked out for me with Nanee. Annie says that she put so much thought into it. They went to a jewelry store and Annie says they looked at every single thing in the store. Then they went to Target to pick out a card and spent a great deal of time picking out the card too. Cards are extra special now because she is able to write a message from her in them. She ended up choosing a necklace that I love and a sparkly cupcake card. She wanted to wait for Daddy to give it to me because he was playing in a golf tournament but like I said just couldn't wait! So I opened it right when we got home and then she was so excited to show him too! I was able to wear my new necklace when I went out with my friends on Tuesday night and she was so happy!
A picture with my girl and my pretty present!

Opening my card first and Walker joined us for the action.
Opening the present!
I loved my necklace! She did such a good job picking it out.

Tuesday night I was so grateful to my friends for getting together all my friends at a restaurant I love in West Point, showering me with gifts and cake and just making me feel loved. It was super fun and I was happy everyone came!
End of the night pic of all the girls!
I love these BBQ crawfish tails and it was the whole reason I wanted to go to Anthonys!
I get so embarrassed when people sing to me. Like really really embarrassed.

Wednesday was my actual birthday and I was so happy to spend it all together with the family. Walker and Elle had school but Kenny and I went to my favorite lunch spot, Aunt Marti's and hung out. Then that night we took the kids out of hibachi to celebrate. Elle chose hibachi because she really wanted them to sing to me and also wanted to catch rice in our mouths. Then Kenny had picked up a Dairy Queen cake because Elle has been dying to get one and my birthday was the first birthday to roll around! We opened gifts and the kids had made cards for me. It was a great day!
My favorite lunch in Starkville. 
The kids were playing dress up in my closet before we left for dinner.

Kenny getting the candles set up on my cake!

Enjoying some ice cream cake!

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