Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Well we had Elle's meet the teacher today. It is our official last day of summer and I am ready but I m so sad too. Oh my goodness did it absolutely fly by. This has been our quickest summer yet.  I know there were a few days that may of crawled by but for the most part I am terrified how quick it happened. Elle will start school tomorrow. Post to come soon of course! The kids did take advantage and slept  little later this morning but we will be setting our alarms the rest of the week.  Before school starts tomorrow I thought I would do a big photo dump from the last few days/weeks of summer.  We have been spending lots of time at the pool and with friends. No other way it should be!

Elle and Audrey Caroline pretending to have babies in their tummies!
Elle and Walker have a new favorite pose when they are actually willing to touch each other and I just die for it. I might of already posted this picture but it is worth posting twice. 
I know I sent this one to Kenny when he was in Las Vegas for market.
We went over to our friends house one afternoon while Kenny was at market to swim. 
This is Walker and his friend Henry. They were attempting to play catch. Walker wasn't so sure.
We had a cold front that came through and it dropped our daily temps into the 80s so we took advantage by spending some days at hoe but outside playing with the water table, ride toys and the hose. It was lots of fun!

Having fun keeping each other cool.
Ice cream with sprinkles break.

Kenny took the red eye home from Las Vegas. His flight was delayed leaving Atlanta so we were able to get to the airport and wait for his plane to come in.  The kids love watching the actual plane Daddy is on land on the runway and then watching him step off the plane! We are always so happy he is home!
Waiting on Daddy's plane to come in!
There it is on the runway!
Waiting on his luggage! Getting lots of hugs!
Elle had a great day at the pool with some of her closest friends one day! Kenny and I have joked about how much pizza the kids have eaten at the pool over the summer. Although, it is very good.
Walker came down with a little cold and actually fell asleep at the pool one afternoon. 
This is the last nap he has taken in weeks!
One night the Country Club had a big screen set up for the kids to watch Beauty and the Beast and a ton of people came up to the club to watch and night swim. Our friends Dan and Kristen and their two boys came to our house and then we all rode over to the club on the cart. Their boys had the best time and Walker was loving having some little boys his age to play with!
Walker with Dan's two little boys!
Elle with Audrey and Caroline watching Beauty and the Beast.
Some of the kids tuning in.

We took Elle out to eat at Bulldog Burger one day for lunch while Walker was at PDO. She chose to have this grilled cheese that is on a buttered hamburger bun that we decided is really really good!

Elle had a birthday party at the club for one of her friends and she had lots of fun seeing some people she had not seen all summer. Of course Kenny and Walker came along to swim while Elle and I birthday partied.
I think they were doing a cheer pose here.
Walker was desperate for a popsicle that he saw a kid walk by with! Of course Daddy obliged.
Audrey Caroline, Elle and Ruby
Summer nights and riding home on the golf cart! This sums up our magical summer!

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