Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Walker's PDO program started last week and although he did go this summer he was super excited for his new classroom. teachers and friends! This year Walker moved into the Lamb class. This is the same class Elle technically started in when we moved to Starkville and the one where a lot of her friendships started that she still has now. I am excited because some of our good little friends are in the class. Now I need to work harder on getting Walker some play dates lined up!

As always we made sure we got ready in time to take some first day pictures! I managed to get some cute ones! My sweet boy is growing so fast!

It was not the easiest to get a decent picture of him looking at the camera. So we had a few outtakes.

Was trying to let Elle pose like a good little girl so Walker 
would follow suit and got this sweet one of Elle.
Then Elle wanted to take one of me too.
These two love each other deep down!

One last selfie on the way in!

Walker with his teachers Mrs. Lisa (who Elle also had) and Olga.

Elle had a back to school swim party at the country club on Sunday and had lots of fun seeing her friends! I will do a whole post on her back to school first day later this week!
All ready for back to school swim party with first and second grade!

Elle and friends enjoying some pizza!
Shutting down the party with some school spirit!

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