Friday, August 11, 2017


It was Elle's turn for the official start of school! The day before school started our school had Meet the Teacher. Elle was so excited to have Mrs. Cappleman this year. She is the quintessential first grade teacher.  Our weather has been pretty terrible this week and this day was no different. It was pouring rain all morning but we suited up in our raincoats and headed out!

Elle was really really excited to go see her new classroom and meet her. I had already told her how cool her desk was!  Kenny was working that morning so Walker got to go with us too. Elle enjoyed talking to Mrs. Cappleman and we of course took some pictures and we took a little tour of the classroom. We checked out her desk and the behavior chart. We didn't stay too long but we knew she would be back in the morning!

After we left the school we ran a few errands and picked up our grocery order before we drove through Chick Fil A for a fun lunch and milkshakes to celebrate back to school.  It was a fun day!
Elle and her new first grade teacher Mrs. Cappleman

Walker checking out some supplies in Elle's classroom.
Although she probaly wouldn't of admitted it. Elle was super proud to 
show her brother around and Walker enjoyed being included.
Looking at the behavior chart. Rumor is Mrs. Cappleman is pretty strict so everyone clips down at some point. We've been talking to her about how it is okay when it happens and we how 
we just learn from it. She has never clipped down before.
Taking a seat at her new desk.
Cookies and Cream milkshakes from Chick Fil A are the best!

Smiles and a selfie to send to Daddy!

That afternoon Elle and I hashed out what she would be wearing for the next two days to avoid any arguments on the big first day.  Even though she didn't really want to I wanted her to wear a jumper on the first day and we compromised and she was able to pick which one and then she picked out her entire outfit for the next day.  She also chose to wear her new pink Converse high top shoes. We had a big family dinner the night before and everyone went to bed on time!

Elle woke me up at 5:30 and wanted me to help her get dressed which I was happy to oblige because she was following our house rule of no playing or watching tv until you are completely dressed. Plus I just knew she was really excited! Once she was dressed, we had breakfast and went outside for some pictures. Elle looked so adorable for her first day and her excitement for her first day was contagious. 
So many sweet pictures!

Selfie with Mommy. Love her so much!

Showing off her new shoes!
Walker finished his breakfast and wanted to come join in on the 
picture taking. Love this picture of the two of them.
Jumping with excitement.
Genuine hugs and love!
Daddy was out of the shower so had to get some pictures with him too!

One last family shot before we all hopped in the car.

On the first day of school, parents are permitted to walk their children in if the kids want you to. I am so happy Elle still wants me to. So she and I found a parking spot and headed for her class. We ran into some friends and snapped a quick picture. I thought we were somewhat early but most of her class was already sitting at their desks when we got to the classroom. So I helped her hang up her backpack and then walked her to her desk. I sat her down and gave her big hugs and kisses and then had to go. As I walked out I turned and she turned back and looked at me and I blew her a kiss.  I got a little choked up then. Sad that time is passing so quickly but so excited for her new adventure!

After I left the school I met up with a bunch of friends and fellow moms at City Bagel for breakfast before I ran a few errands and then went back to get into the carpool line to get Elle. The first day was only a half day. I had to get in line early so we would have time to go get Walker at PDO. She got in the car happy! She had a great day! Although she did say they had to sit in their desks and listen to Mrs. Cappleman talk for a long time and it was soooo boring. Poor thing! First grade is going to be a little bit of an adjustment I am afraid! All in all it was a great day and we celebrated that evening with a big family dinner where she could tell us all about it! 
Elle with two of her besties Audrey and Ella. They did not plan to dress alike but it sure was cute!
Elle and Collier. Their desks are diagonal from each other for now!

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