Monday, August 14, 2017


Thursday night my mom came into town and spent the night so that she could take Elle and Walker to  Memphis on Friday morning for the weekend. Elle can sometimes get sad about being aways from Kenny and me but this time she seemed to be excited and when we were putting Walker into his car seat he seemed really happy about getting to go somewhere too.  

So they left Friday morning and got into Memphis around lunch. Then the afternoon they went to the Children's Musuem which was Elle's top request for activities for the weekend. Elle loves the Memphis children so much and she has so many great memories of going there with Nanee. This was the first time Walker got to go too and he had the best time! Their favorite things to do there are this fishing thing and then the grocery store. Which is funny to me because I can remember loving the grocery store part of a children's museum when I was little! I think they wore themselves out and went home to order pizza and hang out at Nanees house.
Doing the fishing activity at the museum.
All smiles!
Doing some grocery shopping!

Checking out!
Picking out some groceries.

Walker loved all the balls and tubes and things.
Climbing all over the police car.

CeCe sent me lots of pictures of Nanee and Elle this weekend! Elle was glued to her hip!

Saturday morning they got up and went to this amazing pancake/breakfast restaurant we like. From the picture it looks like they enjoyed it!

On Saturday afternoon they ran errands and went to lunch at one of our old favorite places we liked to eat when we lived there. Then they took Belle to the dog park.  Apparently Elle loved it but Walker did not like it as much because a puppy jumped on him. He gets kind of nervous around high energy dogs because he was used to Lena who was very big but also slow moving because she was so old.

Playing with dinosaurs and cars from CeCe.
Frozen yogurt after the hot dog park.
Coloring with Nanee.
Elle introduced Nanee to her current favorite movies right now, The Descendants.
Elle and Walker supposedly got a long all weekend. It is amazing 
what happens when Mommy and Daddy aren't there.
Doing some grocery shopping with Nannee before they left to come home.

Kenny and I had a great weekend while the kids were having all the fun in Memphis. On Friday we ran some errands and then went to lunch at Old Waverly and then went and got pedicures together before Kenny went to play some practice golf and then the Calcutta for this weekend's big Three Man Tournament. I chose to stay home and just relax and went to bed early.  Saturday morning Kenny got up early to play in the tournament and I layed out at the pool for a little while. We went and got a ice cream cone when he got home from playing and then took a cat nap before we showered and got ready. Kenny played in the tournament with our friends Jack and his dad so Missy and Jack came over for a pre game cocktail before we went to the club for the steak dinner which is always fun! They do door prizes for all the girls and they have so many a lot of people win! I won 3 $20 dollar gift cards to Buffalo Wild Wings which will be great for Cowboy games and Missy won a hair dryer she was excited about. They also do a draw down but I didn't have the lucky tickets this year! We didn't stay too late since Kenny had to play early Sunday.  But we had lots of fun!
Lacey and the Walters!
Jack and Kenny
Love my sweet friend Missy!

Update! Kenny and his team won their flight so he came home with cash money! He was so excited with the win!

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