Thursday, April 18, 2013


This past week I have been spending time with Elle and just enjoying her so much.  That is not to say goodness gracious is parenting hard.  And this age is so hard too.  But as I type this I know that I will think EVERY age is hard.  Especially with my first.

I think I have decided that I would totally be okay with her staying this age forever.  (again, keep in mind I don't know much about the future and those ages) But this age is FUN.  Here are some reasons I want her to stay this age forever.
Doing her best cheeeeeese with her art project after school.  I make her do this with every single art project so i can ArtKive it. 

-SIZE -  She is still small, but big enough to play outside at the park and do things for herself.  She still has tiny little feet and legs and toes but she isn't a breakable baby anymore.

-COMMUNCATION- She is talking so much more.  Full sentences, sometimes paragraphs and we understand what she is saying!  The things that come out of her mouth these days are hilarious!  Not to mention her new favorite phrase is "whats that?'  We have to tell her what everything in this world is.  And she repeats every word after we tell her.  That little brain is just soaking it all in.

- ATTITUDE - She can have an attitude. But for the most part she is a happy go lucky little girl that is pretty willing to let me make most decisions for her.  With the help of some "simmer time" what we call time out everything is manageable and I have full reign over what we do, what she eats, what she get the picture.  I know this will not be the case as she grows.

-THE CLOTHES - No big girl clothes! She still looks cute in a bubbles, dresses, smocked little bathing suits and other things.  I love baby/preschooler clothes and never want them to go away. EVER.

-DEVOTION - She is so devoted to Kenny and I.  We are her world.  Along with our family we are what matters most to her and I know eventually other things will be important to her.  I am okay with that.  But nothing makes you feel as good as you do when you see their face light up at the sight of you or her little hand in Kenny's.

-THE GLIMPSE OF THE TEENAGER WITHIN - More and more she will do something or have some kind of mannerism and I am like "woooooah!!"  This can't be happening. I can see her 12 years from now doing those same things.  So if she stayed this age I would just see these glimpses and not have to deal with the teenager. Ha!

Okay, okay enough rattling on.  I think sometimes I refrain from blogging more these days because I used to get so annoyed with other blogs who only talked about their kids. And here we are.  But I am starting to think who cares.  I blog to remember these days.  And these days I am just so in love with our daughter.  So now if I could just figure out a way to keep her from growing up.

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