Monday, April 22, 2013


This weekend while Kenny was in North Carolina for furniture market, Elle and I traveled down to Fairhope to celebrate a friend getting married.  We spent Friday night in Hattiesburg to visit CC and then drove into Fairhope Saturday morning.  My friend Megan also drove over that day.  We went and pampered ourselves with manicures and pedicures.  It might of been the first time we have hung out child free in a long time.  Then we headed over to the hotel to see our friend Rachael's baby who is one month old.  Rachael was a bridesmaid so her mom was keeping the baby.  I am so glad we got to visit because he is just so adorable!

Megan and Randall.  Isn't he cute!

After getting some newborn snuggles we stopped in a cute shop and headed back to Kenny's parents to get ready for the ceremony.  The ceremony was in this beautiful old chapel on the water and the weather was absolutely perfect.  
This was the view when you came out of the chapel doors.

The reception was at this beautiful bed and breakfast called Emma's Bay House that was actually right across the street from a restaurant Kenny and I eat.  I always assumed it was just a house but it was a dream reception site.  I don't think Valerie (the bride) thought it was going to be freakishly cold for this time of the year but it really wasn't bad until later in the night.  

My date for the night since her husband Patrick decided not to come and Kenny not being there either.
The dance floor setup.  They had a great Motown band!
First dance.
So excited to see Tracy since we both moved away!

Obviously Tracy and I spent a lot of time together that night ha!

While I was off having fun and freezing my hiney off Elle was spending time with Gramma and Pop Pop.  She doesn't even care when I am gone because she is getting spoiled rotten the entire time.  That is what grandparents are for though right?
Stropped down and eating spaghetti for dinner.

It was a great weekend and a beautiful wedding.  I am so glad I made the trip down and got to see some of my closest friends.  It was a happiness boost I needed!

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