Tuesday, April 9, 2013


This weekend Kenny and I were so lucky to be able to have a night away.  Friday night Kenny's parents came into town and we all went out for dinner and took them on a little driving tour of Starkville.  They have not been to Starkville since Kenny was in school.

Saturday morning, Kenny and I hit the road for Pelham, Alabama to see Dave Matthews Band play at Oak Mountain. Elle was more than happy to stay in Starkville with Gramma and Pop Pop. She has the best time when we see them.  We arrived early afternoon and Kenny booked us a room right next to the venue AND right next to a wonderful Mexican restaurant.  It was a perfect set up!  After getting settled in the room and freshening up we headed over to the restaurant for some margaritas, guacamole and cheese dip.  The weather was perfect and we scored a table out on the patio.  Kenny and I have been so busy that it was so nice to just relax and talk over drinks and yummy food and really talk to each other.

Then it was time for the show.  Kenny's favorite type of music is southern jam bands (I guess) and I tend to lean more towards pop and musicals.  But Dave Matthews is one thing we agree on and we love going to see him in concert together. Oak Mountain is an amphitheatre and the weather was perfect.  Not too cold.  The show was a ton of fun and we can't wait to see him again in Memphis in a few weeks!  

Kenny likes to take concert pictures with his cell phone.
Maybe one day those front cameras will get better on the iPhone but here 
is a grainy pic of us from that night.  At least we took one!
More Dave!
Elle having fun with her Gramma back at home and living 
her pajamas all day.  Is there any other way?
They put clothes on Elmo and that is funny to a 2 year old.

It really was so nice to get away and spend some time with Kenny.  We are so grateful to our family that are always so generous with their time and their gas money that allows us to do these things together.

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