Tuesday, December 24, 2013


We ended up in Memphis again one weekend and went out to eat to celebrate my sister's birthday.  We went to eat extra early because we made plans to head to Starry Nights afterwards and look at the pretty lights and hope to get Elle to bed at a semi decent time.

Dinner was great.  We swung by Starbucks for some hot chocolate and headed for Starry Nights.  And. then. we waited in line to get into Starry Nights for TWO HOURS!!!! Poor Elle was already feeling poorly and by the time we got really close she was so over it.  We took her out of her car seat to get a better view and immediately passed out in my lap.  We attempted to wake her up but she was a total grump.  She slept through the entire thing.  What a bust!!

After a busy weekend in Memphis we got on the road for Starkville early Sunday morning because Santa was coming to the Starkville Country Club for lunch and we knew that this was most likely the last time we would see him before Christmas. I know, I know, some kids might see him only once but she really loves him this year.  Of course she was so excited to see him again and ran up to him and hugged him. Told him the same thing she has said every time before.  "I would like presents and candy canes."

We ended up getting some fantastic pictures with him too!
Deep in Christmas conversation.
Sweet picture.
Time for dessert!

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