Monday, December 30, 2013


I know you are surprised we didn't go to see Santa again.  Believe me, Elle would have. We spent the final days before Christmas going to see Frozen twice, (Have you seen it? We are obsessed!) wrapping last minute presents, watching Christmas movies and decorating a gingerbread house. 

I was worried I wouldn't have anything to do at night while we relaxed and watched Christmas movies since I got our Christmas cards out early.  So I decided to do little happys for Elle's class. I absolutely cannot take any credit for the idea.  Totally Pinterest.  I looked for something that looked easy enough and settled on these sweet reindeer made out Hershey bars.  They actually ended up being a little more time intensive than I originally planned but turned out cute.
Basket all ready to go with teacher gifts(gift cards) and friend happies.
Charlie had been doing some pretty uneventful things so one night he got into my wrapping supplies and this is where we found him when we woke up. 
Elle and I spent one morning at the park.  After going down the slide a few times we ended up roaming the bushes around the perimeter pretending to be Princess Sofia for most of the time we were there. So funny.

I bought a reusable gingerbread house a week or so before Christmas so we could make decorating it one of our out of school Christmas activities.  Buying all the candy kind of stressed me out.  I wasn't sure what we needed and what would work well and what wouldn't.  Thankfully the dollar store had enough good stuff that we managed pretty well.  Elle had a great time.  She was more into eating the candy and making sure I was keeping all the bowls stocked with decorating supplies.  Kenny on the other hand totally got into it. (as he normally does when we do these kinds of things)
House and bowls of candy ready to go.
Kenny spackling the house with a tub of icing and Elle sticking a few things on in between bites.
I swear I just got lucky and captured this picture.  I love it.  They are so much alike sometimes.
This is the ONLY picture I could get her to take with me.  Another selfie.  I will still 
take these pictures and post them on here to prove that I was present.
Finished product-Side 1
Finished Product-Side 2

Don't ask me what is going on with the lifeless Santa on top.  Elle insisted we put him there.  

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