Tuesday, December 31, 2013


To wrap up our Christmas celebrations we headed to Fairhope to spend a few days with Gramma and PopPop. Upon our arrival Gramma needed immediate help baking our favorite chocolate pound cake.  Elle was so excited to help her stir. I guess I can add Gramma's house to our short list that only really includes the donut shop where we get amazing smiles from Elle when we ask to take her picture. What the hay!!
Stirring the chocolate cake batter with Gramma.

After the cake was in the oven it was time to open some presents.  Honestly, Elle was still a little burned out from opening the first round of presents.  We were still opening presents the day after Christmas one by one.  Next year I think we will leave everything unwrapped.  
Opening a few presents.

The next morning Elle had her two bigger presents to open.  She was so excited when she opened up a princess power car thingy.
Not even three years old and learning to drive.
She loved loved loved this Christmas tree Gramma had out as decoration.  It played music and lit up.  And it was covered in glitter.  Subsequently she stayed covered in glitter the entire weekend. But look at that smile.

Kenny and I are always so lucky to get a really nice date night while we are in Fairhope.  Free babysitting! On this night we ventured out in the pouring down rain to see Saving Mr. Banks which I had to hold back the ugly cries during and then to a fabulous dinner to one of our favorite restaurants, Camelia Cafe.
Kenny's mom coerced us into taking a picture before we left.

We thought Elle needed to see Frozen one last time.  Okay, I didn't mind seeing it for the third time either. So Gramma came along this time.  We still can't wait for it to come out on DVD.
Waiting to leave for the movie.
Waiting for the movie to start.

After we got home we went for a leisurely drive.
And then for dinner at the yacht club.

On our final day Elle helped Gramma cook the spaghetti sauce for dinner tonight before heading to the park.
Cooking with Gramma.
"Don't touch. It is hot." Elle told me.
Another great smile.  Happy girls at the park.

It was a great Christmas spent in Fairhope.  Now to watch our Dawgs play and try to unwind just a little before the start of the new year!

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