Tuesday, December 17, 2013


It is standard procedure in our house to decorate for Christmas the day/weekend after Thanksgiving.  I am one for truly appreciating each holiday so I thoroughly enjoy my Thanksgiving and then I cannot wait to get my house all Christmas cozy.  Plus I kind of like that my mom and sister are in town to help.

I was a little stressed this year about all of our Christmas decorations because I wasn't sure where they all were and we have two storage units and some other things stuffed into our closets.  So ready to move into a house with more storage ( like I said...more on that another day) Anyway, after pulling out everything in all our of our closets, two trips to the outdoor storage unit and a trip to Lowe's to buy a brand spanking new Christmas tree because I was worried our old one which was in storage had spiders in it; we were ready to go!!

I decided to make Kenny's Mississippi State tree bigger this year because I have collected a lot of Mississippi State ornaments for him and then we gave his little tree to Elle. I am very happy with our cute the Mississippi State tree turned out but Elle's tree is a little hodge podgy.  I will go with a more definite theme for her next year.  This year we just gave her some toddler like unbreakable ornaments and she is pleased as punch with it. So, all is well.
This picture has nothing to do with decorating but we went for a Sunday drive one afternoon and Elle feel asleep in her car seat and then slept in Kenny's arms for a little while.  Sweet girl.  
Kenny was eating it up!
The State tree minus a few ornaments. I am already thinking that we will give this tree to Elle next year and get a bigger one for the State tree next year.  I ordered these maroon and white ball ornaments and did not even have room for them. I still love this tree though.
State tree without overhead lighting.  Pot standing by because I orginally 
tried to give the tree some heigth with that.
Family tree downstairs in living room with sentimental and gifted ornaments. My favorite tree and also our new Christmas tree.  Very pleased with the purchase.  
Elle's poor little precious tree.  Like I said we gave her a hodge podge collection of unbreakable ornaments.  I am already thinking of what I want to do with her tree next year.  But she adores having it in her room and using it as a night light.
Instagram collection of our trees.
Nativitys around the house.
Elle enjoying a Christmas movie in front of the tree.
And our Elf on the Shelf arrived from the North Pole shortly after the Christmas trees went up.  Elle named him Charlie. He isn't getting into too many shenanigans.  Elle wouldn't quite understand and why complicate things.  She is thrilled to wake up and find where he has landed from the North Pole every morning.