Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I am adjusting to living in a small town and starting to love it.  One night we bundled up (luckily it wasn't too cold that night) and took a very short drive to Main Street to watch the annual Starkville Christmas parade. We met up with some friends and Elle had the best time watching the small parade pass by.  There is definitely something to be said to leave your house 10 minutes before an event, find a parking spot, a seat and your friends right on the parade route.  

I realized after I uploaded my iPhone pictures because that is all I ever take that all my pictures are blurry.  Oh well.  The theme for the parade was The Grinch and WhoVille so there were lots of Grinches and Santa came by at the end.  All in all it was a fun little night.
All the kids line up watching the parade.  Elle was excited about something!
Elle telling her good friend Abigail something very intently.
We found Charlie hanging out here one morning.  Elle was amused.
Elle really hasn't been two bad about messing with the tree.  She pretty much takes the same two ornaments off over and over.  Those two ornaments are looking pretty haggard but we put the unimportant and unbreakable ones down at the bottom of the tree so I am not too worried.

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