Thursday, December 19, 2013


I am so glad I made a real effort to not go out of town November and December.  We have had to make some unexpected trips but for the most part we have stayed in town and it has allowed us to go to some cute things.  Early one Saturday morning we headed to First Methodist where Elle goes to preschool for Breakfast with Santa.

She was soooooo excited to see Santa.  This was the first official time to see her and we were excited too.  We wondered how she would react when she saw him.  We thought she would get nervous and get shy.  It was the exact opposite. The second we walked in the door she wanted to run up on stage and give him a big hug.  She was totally enamored with him.

Since we arrived early (our M.O.) we went ahead and saw Santa and had our picture taken first.  Nobody was really there yet so she was able to talk him for a little while and gave him lots of hugs.  
Not the official picture.  We snapped this one with our phone of course.

After she visited with Santa we sat down and had a pancake and bacon breakfast. Santa and bacon! It was an awesome morning for Elle.  As we ate she waved and smiled and stared at Santa the entire time.  Then she still wanted to see and hug Santa some more so we bought another ticket (it was a fundraiser for youth mission) and she went up there to see her again.
Staring at Santa.
Staring at Santa with Daddy.

Daddy and Elle.
Elle's little friend, Kate, from preschool was there too. We have to work on Elle and taking pictures with her friends.  She hasn't mastered the whole one arm around and one hand on the hip pose just yet.

After breakfast and Santa we headed over to the gingerbread house station where a very nice elf helped us make a gingerbread house.  The elf happened to be a little girl that I used to keep when I worked at the preschool in college.  She was one of my favorite little girls and she had no idea who I was.  That made me a little sad.  I thought about getting Elle a gingerbread kit but wasn't sure if she would like it.  She loved making this little gingerbread house so I have since bought her a reusable gingerbread house kit and we are making one this coming weekend. Can't wait!
Applying the gumdrops.
Watching the elf work her magic on the gingerbread walls.
We got these footie pajamas as a hand me down from a friend.  So I put them on her one night.  They crack me up.  And then silly girl thought this was the perfect place for some iPad time.
Santa told Elle that Charlie liked M&Ms at breakfast that morning.  And wouldn't you know that is where Charlie ended up the next morning.

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