Monday, December 23, 2013


We had to break my no traveling rule to to go to Memphis for some doctors appointments.  But it was a good visit because we stayed with my sister and Elle got to have a play date with her bestie Loftin while we were at the doctor. They love each other so much.  It is so fun to see how they have grown from little babies to big kids.  Elle gets so excited to see him. And my friend Lindsey always gets the most precious pictures of them.  We always joke that she is preparing for the rehearsal dinner slide show.
Just some Christmas hugs in front of the Christmas tree.
Then he went in for the smooch.

After we picked Elle up from Loftin's we headed to Enchanted Forest. It is a Christmas tree display that also has little mechanical scenes, gingerbread houses, and the BEST Santa. Elle loved it last year and she seemed to enjoy it a lot this year too.
Why does she look 18 in this picture.  So much attitude!
Feeling more excited in this one.
Daddy and Elle watching the bears catch a fish.
The best picture with Santa to date.  This Santa actually helped us by holding her arm down a little because when she gets nervous she puts her hands in her mouth for pictures.  And almost have a little smile.  We loved this picture. And Elle loves this Santa because he had candy canes!

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