Monday, September 8, 2014


This was such a big weekend.  We had so many friends come into town, many who stayed at our house for the football game.  I should have so many pictures of all the fun times we had.  And we did have many a fun time! BUT, YALL! IT.WAS.HOT.

Mississippi State played UAB at 1PM.  So we all managed to get out of the house, lug all of our stuff to the tailgate all to realize that it was just so miserably hot.  The kids were even lethargic,whiny and miserable.  Elle pretty much sat in a chair the entire time before she insisted we go into the game for a little bit.  I made the biggest mistake of all and wore jeans and barely spoke to anyone the entire time we were at the tents because I really just wanted to go home.  We did go into the game for parts of the first and second quarter hoping that we would have a breeze where our seats are but there wasn't a breeze so we left.

After we packed up the tailgate we took the party on the road to our house and things got much better.  All of our friends were in town with their kids and we ate leftover food from the tailgate and a someone brought a bunch of pizzas.  The kids ran around outside and we watched football and just relaxed in air conditioning. It was a late night for the adults and the kids but we had so much fun!
Elle asked me to take a picture in her Bulldog dress that she wore for Maroon Friday.  She has school on Friday and it is so fun to see all the kids in their maroon!

When she got home from school I had her try on a new rain jacket and rain boots to see how they fit and I couldn't get over how cute she looked.  After it monsooned for the last game I wanted her to have some gear since the forecast was calling for rain. No rain so we didn't get to wear any of it.  

The one picture we managed to get with all the friends that were in town.  We were excited to get a picture with us and the kids.  We were all exhausted but it was a fun night.

Sunday morning my friends were so sweet to prepare a wonderful breakfast for me and give me a little Sprinkle for Walker.  All the guys took the kids to City Bagel for breakfast and then to the park to play so we had a great morning of girl talk and sweet baby gifts.  I was so grateful.

The rest of Sunday was spent resting and cleaning. We have a couple away games in the next two weeks so we will enjoy the break and hopefully it will be much much cooler the next time we tailgate.

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