Thursday, September 18, 2014


This past weekend we loaded up early Friday morning and drove over to Atlanta so that we could take Elle to the Georgia Aquarium.  Kenny and I went right when it opened when we were dating but I wasn't feeling well when we went and it was really crowded.  We were excited to revisit and take Elle. It is not overwhelmingly big and if you go on a weekend it only takes a few hours to do everything.  What I like most about this aquarium is that it is a a lot of really huge fish tanks and then they give you seating areas to just sit and watch all the different fish swim by.  They also have beluga whales along with a fantastic (but cheesy) dolphin show.
Elle and Kenny getting up close with the penguins.
This was one of those concave glass areas and Elle was having a good time climbing around in it.  Kenny and I were enjoying watching all the big fish swim by her! I mean look at those sting rays and that fish on the right really was that big.
Taking a break and hanging out in one of the viewing areas.  Had to take a selfie!

These tanks are truly majestic at times.

One of the large tropical fish tanks.  We loved this one for all the colors.

At the end of the fun Kenny and I took Elle into the gift shop and Kenny told Elle she could picky anything out that she would like.  She decided she wanted a satchel of rocks for $5.  Sweet thing.  She picked out lots of purple ones.

After the aquarium we headed to my Aunt and Uncles where we were staying for the weekend.  We were so happy to see them. Friday night we were able to go over to my cousin Lindsay's house for dinner and meet their new baby girl Lawson! 
 Getting some Lawson snuggles!
Elle playing teacher for Lindsay and Lawson and showing them the pictures.

On Saturday, Kenny headed out early to go to the PGA Tournament.  He saw 30 of the top golfers in the world.  He was in heaven!

Elle and I spent time with Uncle Mike and Aunt Pam just running some errands and going into a few shops and then enjoying some lunch. We then returned to their house to watch some of the State game and then the GAvs.SC game.
Reading some of my cousins old books before we went out to do some shopping.
My Aunt Pam bought Elle this sweet little angel doll at this adorable baby store we went into and Elle just absolutely loved/loves it! She was squeezing it and saying thank you!

Lunch break!
Love this picture of Elle and my Uncle.

Worn out from all the errands.  We got a car nap!

I watched and watched the golf tournament coverage looking for Kenny and finally spotted him in like in the quickest shot ever.  That is my finger pointing him out.

My aunt wanted a family shot before we left.  

It was a great weekend that was fun filled for everyone and we so enjoyed getting to see my aunt and uncle and cousins and second cousins. Elle pretty much invited herself back soon so I foresee more trips in our near future.  It is so nice that it is a short drive to family and fun family activities!

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