Monday, September 1, 2014


Well football season is officially here! We just love living in Starkville as that first home game approaches. There is just so many things to do centered around Mississippi State and our football team.

Friday night we were so happy to have Kenny's parents and his aunt drive up for a night.  We grabbed an early dinner at the Grill and then walked over to the Downtown Block Party. It is a small event but fun for kids Elle's age.  The highlight was the jumpys and hanging out with Bully.  At one point Elle was in the jumpy with three other little girls and Bully got in with them.  He was hamming it up with them and they were pretty much ignoring him which was funny!

Later we ran into Bully in a store.  Elle talks about Bully nonstop but then refuses to give him a hug or a picture with him when he sees her.  Then after we leave she talks about how she is sad she didn't give him a hug.  When we saw him in the store he was giving her lots of one on one attention and she eventually warmed up enough to give him a high five.  A small victory.
He was copying her by putting his fingers in his mouth like her.

Here we go! A high five for Bully!
Another festival fave! Face painting!
We stopped in at Tutti Fruiti for some froyo before heading home to put a sleeping Elle into her bed.

Saturday morning I made a big breakfast before Kenny's family hit the road.

The plan for the rest of the day was to wait for my friend Susan come in town from Memphis and then tailgate in the afternoon and go to the game against USM at 6:30.  But the weather was just absolutely terrible.  Poured and poured and poured all day! Tailgating was just out of the question.  As much as we wanted to it was just going to be impossible with Elle and luckily for us we had not put our tailgate up this game since some of our friends were out of town.  So about an hour and a half before the game we walked onto campus and into the stadium.  We were pretty wet, hot and I was worn out from the trek but our seats are covered so once we got settled we were good to go. This was Susan's first time to a Mississippi State football game and we were excited to have her with us! Elle was so happy to be back cheering for the team too!  We had a great time and left at the end of the third quarter and completely shut out the Golden Eagles!
Walking into the stadium.  A little damp but still excited!
Watching the Bulldogs take the field with Daddy. Cowbell in hand of course!

Woohooing with her pom pom.

And I despise this picture so much.  I officially have preggo face and this selfie was doing me zero justice!  Oh well!

Sunday was spent resting, doing a little shopping at the Brunch and Browse downtown and Susan and I went to dinner and a movie Sunday night.  Susan left Monday morning and now it is time to gear up and do it all over again!  We have UAB this coming weekend and a completely full house of people with lots of children! Going to be fun!

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