Tuesday, September 23, 2014


We had a great weekend of friends and football!  Before I even give a quick update I just have to say-OUR BULLDOGS ARE RANKED! NO 14! WOO HOO! We beat the mess out of LSU until the fourth quarter where things got a little tense.  But the game was so fun to watch and our guys look great! Can't wait for the rest of the season.

Friday night we drove over to Columbus with two of our favorite couples for a grown up dinner out.  We went to Prophets Porch.  A no frills restaurant with great fear and a little different from other places.  You sit out on a big quiet porch overlooking a small pond in the country.  The food was delicious and we ended up staying out a little later than expected!

Saturday morning we got up and made a big family breakfast and did some chores around the house and Kenny played a round of golf with a friend and then we all got ready for a fall photo session.  I was a smidge nervous about the session because it was a mini session and last years was a two hour session and was very very stressful.  But Elle did fantastic and only gave us a little trouble.  I just know all the pictures are going to turn out great!

Monica, our photographer did post this sneak peak! I love it so much!

After our pictures we headed home and got ready to have some friends over for the game.  We had a BYOM(bring your own meat) party and I did a baked potato bar and we had some other things.  The kids had so much fun and the adults did too!
This was the only picture I took the entire night! Elle and James enjoying their dinners while we all hung out on the patio.

Sunday morning we got up to go to church.  Elle's foot was a little swollen.  Saturday she complained about a bug bite that did get pretty big right after it happened.  She whined a little bit about it but nothing major.  But Sunday her foot just got worse. After church we Benadryled her up and had her elevate it with cold compresses to see if that would help.

She took a great Sunday nap from the Benadryl and the late night watching the dawgs play.  The foot did not improve too much.
Poor little foot!
Snoozing with her foot elevated.  

Then Monday morning she woke up and her foot looked even worse.  She wouldn't even walk on it.  So I decided to keep her home from PDO and take her to the doctor.
She was eating up the snuggles and the doting I think.  Cute patient!

I won't even post a picture of how bad her foot looked by the end of Monday! But it was bad! I was so glad I took her to the doctor that morning.  The doctor was sure she had been stung by a wasp and she was having a severe reaction and then also had cellulitis which is a bad infection under the skin.  By the end of Monday her foot was purple.  We had already started steroids and antibiotics or I would of freaked! Hoping we see a drastic improvement soon!

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