Thursday, September 11, 2014


There was a morning a few weeks ago that we had planned a whole day out and then everything went to poop and we ended up with no plans.  We were all dressed and had nowhere to go.  So we decided to drive over to Tupelo.  It was a weekday and my friend Sarah always tells me how much her kids love Chuck E. Cheese.  We thought Elle might be old enough at this point. I think I only went to Chuck E. Cheese maybe once as a child and had some opinions on the place.  A lot of them still held true BUT we had the place to ourselves.  Like not another child the entire time we were there and we had sooooo much fun! Small town living I tell you.  If we were still living in Memphis we would of enjoyed a morning at the Children's Museum or the Botanical Garden.  So funny!

There really was a lot she enjoyed doing for her age.  She loved the skeet ball and the little rides that they have in the mall. She also played like four games of air hockey with Kenny.  She loved it!  Kenny turned into a crazed competitive ticket fiend.  Elle had no idea that you even used the tickets for anything.  To her getting the ticket after the game spit it out was the reward which was pretty cute! We were there for a very long time.  But since it was just us in there we didn't mind.  We did have lunch and the pizza was still pretty good.  Kenny and I both remembered it being awesome!

All in all it was great morning spent as a family.  Elle was so tired when we left and has asked to go back several times.  It doesn't help that there are a lot of Chuck E. Cheese commercials on PBS.  We will definitely take her again but always on a weekday morning.
Learning the proper form for skeet ball from Daddy.

I loathe this picture of me! Large and in charge! But our entire family loved some skeet ball!
Kenny playing this gambling game.  This is a token suck! You never win anything! Still remember from my own childhood! So funny!
Elle loved this fun ride! Can't you tell by her face?

Waiting on our pizza and playing with her second round of tokens.  Kenny and I spoil her and we can't help it!
Loving the Chuck E Cheese puppet.
Counting all the tickets.  Kenny was on pins and needles.
One last game of air hockey!

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