Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Man oh man! What.a.week.I mean yall.  It was brutal.  I know I mentioned in my last blog post and update that I was sick but I only wish I had stayed at that level of sickness instead of getting so much worse.  By Friday of last week I was feeling very very sorry for myself.  I felt so absolutely terrible and Kenny was STILL at market and I was on my own with Elle.  I actually payed a babysitter to come get her on Friday morning to take her to the pool just to get some rest.  Being sick and pregnant is especially bad because you can't take any good medicine either.  I did see the doctor and she did prescribe me a ZPack and let me take some decent cough medicine that I had when I was sick in the past.  But they barely helped. Thankfully my mom and sister were already planning on coming to visit and offered some major relief.  I felt like such a terrible mom all week because my patience with Elle was so low and she seemed to be purposely pushing my buttons plus I did not have a voice so I couldn't discipline her at all.  The amount of cartoons and movies we watched was ridiculous.  But I am finally feeling better.  Not 100% and Kenny is home as of this morning and we are just so happy about that!!
My sweet girl cuddling with me in bed.  I am happy that we are done with last week. 

How far along 21 weeks today.  My What to Expect App says Walker is still the size of a \

Total weight gain/loss? 10-12 lbs gained

Maternity Clothes? Yes.  Don't really have a whole lot to say on this subject this week.  Other than yes to maternity clothes.

Stretch Marks- None. Still need to start lotioning up though!

Sleep? Sleep was bad but then I was given permission by my OBGYN to take some decent cough medicine that made me wonderfully drowsy and on my worst night I took a Phenergan too so that I could be totally oblivious.  This was of course a night my mom was in town so I knew there was someone else in the house.  Walker is not causing a whole lot of issues but this pesky cough that is still hanging around sure is!

Best Moment Last Week?  I had someone help me pick out some new curtains and pillows and other things for our house and all that got delivered which was a whole lot of fun!  Spending time with my sister and my mom and having someone to take care of me 
after a few days of suffering all alone. And Kenny coming home today!

On Saturday I mustered up my energy to go out to lunch with my family so my sister could get her Grill fix.  It was fun.  After lunch we stopped by a couple stores before heading home so I could promptly pass out for a three hour nap.  Mom and Annie took Elle back out for more girl time and shopping while I slept.
   CeCe and Elle.

Me and my sister
Movement? Yes to movement although I didn't have a whole lot of time to pay attention because I was too busy trying to survive.

Food cravings? Nothing really sticks out too much this week.  Still cold fruit and other cold things.

Gender? It's a boy! Kenneth Walker.

Labor Signs?No.  Just another painful progesterone shot this week.

Belly button in/out? In but I have noticed it is already getting a little shower.  Hoping it doesn't decided to come out.

What I miss? I miss Kenny this week! I am so glad he is home.  Let your husband leave for more than a week and it truly makes you realize how much you rely on him for so many things.  I love him so much and am so happy to have him back.  I know Elle feels the same way!

What I am looking forward to? Having Kenny home and just spending time as a family.  Poor Elle totally got the shaft with me being sick so Kenny and I are making sure we give her lots of time this week! She needs us.

Funny things Elle has said this week about Walker:  On Saturday after our lunch we walked across the street to a home and baby store called Sprout.  The second we walked in Elle zeroed on the cutest rattle.  A little puppy dog rattle.  She looked at all of the different choices and deemed this one as the one he would like the best and said she wanted to get it for him.  It makes my heart just want to burst just typing it.  She then carried it around the store the entire time we browsed and was so proud to put it on the counter to buy it, explaining to the lady who worked there about her baby brother. She was seriously so proud. I told my mom and sister that Walker was going to have all kinds of stuff if she kept picking it out because I can't tell her no if she picks it out for him.  She and I talked about how she would bring Walker the rattle at the hospital after he arrived.  I can't wait!
Elle with her rattle for Walker!

Friday, July 25, 2014


This was exactly 20 weeks and I was getting ready to head for the airport and leave Las Vegas. 

How far along 20 weeks and two days  My What to Expect App says Walker is still the size of a mango. No new fruit this week

Total weight gain/loss? 10-12 lbs

Maternity Clothes? Yes.  I enjoyed wearing maternity maxi dresses at night in Las Vegas.  So comfortable but still felt somewhat cute in them.  Now I wasn't fitting in with all the club wear that we saw especially on Saturday night.  But, lets be honest.  I have no need or place being in a club. The top I am wearing in the picture above is from Pinkblush Maternity and I love it.  There is nothing really maternity about it so I will still wear it post pregnancy too!  I am still loving my maternity swimsuits. 

Stretch Marks- None. Still need to start lotioning up though!

Sleep? Sleep has been pretty terrible! I did not sleep well in Las Vegas.  Not sure why and I have barely slept since I got home with this yucky bronchitis. Needless to say, I am pretty exhausted!

Best Moment Last Week?  Having a perfect anatomy scan and seeing Walker move around on a sonogram! Having a baby moon of sorts with Kenny in Las Vegas and coming home to Elle!

Movement? So much movement! Lots and lots of movement.  I still haven't been able to get Elle to feel it but she will soon enough I am sure.

Food cravings? Still sweets but nothing new this week.  I haven't had much of an appetite with being sick.  

Gender? It's a boy! Kenneth Walker.

Labor Signs? None.  Just some Braxton Hicks and started my shots back this week after my doctor was nice enough to let me skip last weeks so I would not be in pain while we traveled.

Belly button in/out? In but I have noticed it is already getting a little shower.  Hoping it doesn't decided to come out.

What I miss? Not really pertaining to pregnancy at this point. But as I write this I miss sleep and feeling good.  I am really tired and feel so yucky! I just want to feel better.  Plus I miss Kenny while he is at furniture market.  Single parenting is tough especially when you feel bad!

What I am looking forward to? I am looking forward to feeling better.  I am looking forward to my mom and sister coming in to town this weekend and I am looking forward to Kenny coming home!

Funny things Elle has said this week about Walker:  The other day I was reading Elle a book and out of the blue she started talking about those big grocery carts with the cars on the front of them at Kroger.  She said "When Walker comes he will like those and we will ride in them together while you shop."  It was so funny because it was so random.  But I love that she thinks of him often and looks forward to having him around.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


I just got home from a wonderful and relaxing three days in Las Vegas with Kenny.  I know it was a fun trip because I arrived home and immediately came down with bronchitis. This was our third annual trip to Vegas and we stayed at the Wynn again.  The Wynn is our absolute favorite place to stay for so many reasons.  We don't really like to gamble but we do like to go to the spa and lay by the pool and the Wynn is amazing in both of these areas.  

This trip we did not really plan out too much and kind of decided what we wanted to eat and what we wanted to do as we went and we ended up eating at some of the best restaurants that we have been to in our past stays. We also had some company this year in our friends Jay and Margaret.  Margaret works for Kenny and had to be out there for furniture market too and her husband, Jay had never been to Las Vegas before.  We had such a great time together.  We spent most of our time relaxing by the pool.
The Wynn always has the most beautiful floral arrangements.  This carousel made us think of Elle.  I did not get a picture of the equally beautiful hot air balloon on the other side of the lobby.
Eating lunch at a restaurant by the pool. 

One night we ate a delicious dinner at Olives at the Bellagio and then went to see "O." Kenny and I were happy to check this one off the list because everyone just raves about it.  It did not disappoint!  I love the shows that have the water element!
A blurry selfie before the show starts.
The ceiling of the theatre.
Waiting for the show to begin.
Since the show did not start until 10 we got out pretty late (probably the reason I got sick) and so we went out to watch the famous Bellagio fountains because Jay had not seen them before.  However we did not know that the fountains stopped going at midnight.  After we waited a half hour we googled it and felt stupid.  But we did get some cute pictures while we waited!
Blurry picture in front of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris.
Group shot! Fun night with friends!

After we all finally piled in cab and headed back to the Wynn we stopped for some desert in the resorts cafe.  
Jay could not decided what he wanted. 
Speaking of desserts.  I have mentioned that Walker has given me a sweet tooth so these are a few of the desserts I sampled one day at lunch.  Most of them were delicious!

Our last day we all went to the spa where I had a heavenly prenatal massage.  Just getting to lay on my stomach was  real treat.  Then we spent ALL DAY at the pool before heading to the Palazzo for some shop browsing and dinner.  
We had to stop in Tory Burch and the boys were happy to park it on the couch!

Our last dinner was at Mario Batli's Carnevino.  They do these humongous age steaks that you share and they bring them out and carve them in front of you.  Then they leave you with these huge bones that still have all this delicious meat on them.  The waiter gave a whole spill on how it is encouraged to pick up the bone and get after it.  Which I was glad he did because Kenny would of wanted to that in the privacy of his own home but would of refrained at a really nice restaurant.  But since they had permission the boys went for it! They said it was delicious! I enjoyed the steak a lot too!
The boys enjoying the tender meat on the bones!

It was a fantastic trip.  Kenny and I enjoyed some couple time but missed Elle immensely.  I am glad to be home with her again bronchitis and all! 

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Kenny and I are getting ready for our trip to Las Vegas and I am exhausted because our magical clock failed us this morning and we were all up at five.  So I bring you a very quick weekly photo dump to recap our week!  It was a pretty low key.  We spent a lot our days playing outside and a lot of our afternoons driving around on the golf cart and watching Kenny on the driving range. The weather was just so incredibly beautiful.

There was one afternoon Elle was playing dress up and we loaded up and headed to the course.  Which  resulted in this picture.  
 My entire heart!
We never really went to the pool this week and one day for lunch after playing outside I decided to make miniature pizzas with Elle.  They are so simple and kid friendly and remind me of my childhood. She absolutely loved it! She ate three of them! We will definitely be doing it again.  She just loves to help me in the kitchen.
 Spreading the pizza sauce!
 Cheese and pepperonis!
 A little cheesin before they hit the oven.
Mommy and Elle selfie with the finished product. 

 Picnic outside enjoying our work.

One evening after dinner and right before bedtime we headed to the range.  Elle and Kenny were being so cute.  Kenny would hit the balls and Elle would stand by the ball bucket and throw him a new ball each time. I pray she continues to love going with him to the golf course and ends up having a genuine interest in playing for herself.

We let Elle drive the cart when we get back into the neighborhood.  She is getting better at steering. Obviously she can't reach the gas just yet.

Kenny's parents are in town to spend time with Elle and Mrs. Ann snapped this picture of us watching a movie together.  A little blurry but still sweet.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


How far along 19 weeks and two days  My What to Expect App says Walker is the size of a mango.

Total weight gain/loss? Most likely around 10 pounds. Ugg.  

Maternity Clothes? Yes.  Finally got some maternity bathing suits that I ordered in.  I ordered them to big but didn't feel like returning them and risking not having them in time for our Las Vegas trip so I kept them and they are so much more comfortable.  I also got my items from a maternity boutique called Pink Blush and I am really really pleased with of of it.  Makes me have hope that I will be able to get some fall pieces that I feel cute in.

Stretch Marks- None. Still need to start lotioning up though!

Sleep? Sleep is okay. Just have to get up to pee all the time. It is such an evil cycle. I am thirsty all the time so I drink all the time and then I pee all the time.  Sigh.

Best Moment Last Week? A low key week and weekend with my family.  

Movement?Yes! Yes! Yes! I am so excited to be feeling him move constantly!  Kenny has even felt it already.  We are having a hard time getting Elle to sit still long enough to feel him and then she has such a small hand so it doesn't cover a whole lot of my belly so its going to have to be perfect timing.

Food cravings? Cold things and oh my goodness sweets! I am not a sweets eater and every night I get into bed and want candy! I have also been craving chocolate pudding.  Cold and sweet!

Gender? It's a boy! Kenneth Walker.

Labor Signs? None. But I am OVER the progesterone shots.  Last weeks made me so sore I am just now feeling better.  Just in time to get another one.  I am going to beg them to skip this week because it will kill me traveling on a plane and I don't want to hurt and limp the entire trip.  That really is how miserable they are making me.  Call me a baby I don't care!

Belly button in/out? In and hoping it stays in. It never came out with Elle.

What I miss? Not missing too much right now.  I wish I could work out harder and keep my strength.  I am trying but just feel like it is harder and harder for me to do the simplest things in the gym.

What I am looking forward to? I am looking forward to our anatomy scan on Friday.  I am growing anxious about it and hoping that he will get a perfect report. Then I am excited to spend some grown up time with Kenny on a little mini vacay!  

Funny things Elle has said this week about Walker:  Nothing that stands out too much this week.  We did see my doctor, Dr. Fyke at a birthday this weekend and I introduced Elle to her and explained that she was Walker's doctor and would help Walker come.  Then we saw her again at the pool the next day and Elle was so excited to see"Walker's doctor."  

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


This great but very hot weekend got off to a great start when I attended the Junior Auxiliary Provisional tea with so many of my new friends here in Starkville.  I will begin my Provisional year with lots of sweet girls that I have gotten to  know over this past year that we have lived in Starkville.  
Hooray for volunteering with friends!

Saturday morning we went to one of my sweet friend, Lindsey's little girl's birthday party.  They had it at their house and had lots of pools and slip and slides set up.  The kids had a great time.  I was hot hot hot but it was totally worth it because Elle had so much fun!
Anna Claire, Elle and Abigail going down the side.
Blowing out the candles.
I cherish this picture with friends, all of our children and most of them looking at the camera.
Enjoying a melted Hershey kiss.

After the party Elle and I ran some errands.  She is just so fun to be with these days.  I enjoy talking to her and she makes me laugh almost every minute we are together. This was the first time she asked to ride in one of these humungo carts.  So of course I had to snap a picture that I of course sent to my mom and sister.  And then we all group texted about how old she looks.  Where did her baby face go! I want to cry!
Big girl!

The rest of the weekend was spent cooking out with friends, visiting a new church and then lunch with friends, pool time and relaxing.  Sunday night after hearing one of our friends talk about it we decided to revisit China Garden.  It is a Chinese buffet here in Starkville that Kenny and I used to eat at all the time in college.  We have not been back since college but thought it sounded good and might be fun to take Elle. It was still pretty good and Elle had fun listening to our memories and trying new foods.
Enjoying the buffets ice cream selection.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014



Another week done! I am really starting to feel so much better and have so much of my energy back.  So the weeks are starting to go by faster.

How far along 18 weeks exactly today.  My What to Expect App says Walker is the size of a sweet potato.

Total weight gain/loss? I think I am around 8-9 pounds.  Still working out and still trying to get more cardio in.

Maternity Clothes? Yes.  Running out of options and currently stressing about what to wear on this upcoming Las Vegas trip we have planned.  I have a few non-maternity things that are still working that I hope still work in two weeks that I can take and then I recently found out about a cute online boutique that has some really cute things for some great prices. So might snag a few things from there and pray they work!

Stretch Marks- None. Still need to start lotioning up though!

Sleep? Sleep is okay. Getting more and more uncomfortable with my belly and I think it is time to bite the bullet and buy the most wonderful and expensive pillow ever. The Snoogle. Oh how I love that pillow! And I am in desperate need of one at this point.  I am also waking up on average 3-4 times to pee which is annoying.

Best Moment Last Week?  Spending a wonderful Fourth of July with my family and starting to feel Walker move.  And seeing Walker on a sonogram.  Last week was a great week.
Movement?Yes! I can finally say I am for sure feeling him.  I love it! I have even felt a couple of movements outside of the belly so I am hoping Kenny can feel him soon.  He could now but he would have to have his hand on my belly for a very long time and that would be annoying for both of us.

Food cravings?  I have had some weird cravings.  I've been craving pizza with Catalina dressing.  I also had a craving for these little pizzas that we used to make on biscuit dough when we were younger.  Did yall ever do those?  And total proof that I am feeling better, I have had some coffee! The last two days coffee has actually sounded good to me!

Gender? It's a boy! Kenneth Walker.

Labor Signs? None. But had another progesterone shot yesterday and oh my goodness it hurt so incredibly much!

Belly button in/out? In and hoping it stays in. It never came out with Elle.

What I miss? I was missing a Fourth of July cocktail and the poolside cocktails this past weekend.

What I am looking forward to?  I am looking forward to a relaxing normal week with my family.  Not too much going on this week and weekend. Which is nice.

Funny things Elle has said this week about Walker:  She said something really sweet this past weekend.  It was Saturday morning and she crawled into our bed like she does a lot of mornings and we were talking about the really fun Fourth party the night before.  She was laying her head on my chest/belly and I was asking her if Ray was her buddy.  The little boy from the party. And she said just out of the blue "No mommy. Ray is not my buddy.  Walker is my buddy." She then leaned over and hugged my belly and kissed it.  It was just so incredibly genuine and sweet and innocent.  I got teary eyed.  She is just so excited for Walker to be here.

Monday, July 7, 2014


We just had the best Fourth of July weekend.  The weather was beautiful and cool and we spent every second we could outside.  We spent time with so many different friends and Elle went to bed super late every night and even slept late for her (like 7:45 AM people!) It was just a fabulous fabulous weekend!

On Friday, Kenny was out of town most of the day working with an account for their big sale in Jackson, MS.  So Elle and I had a lazy morning.  She helped me prep some things for the appetizer I was making for the party we were attending later and then we headed outside to play with our water table.  We played outside all morning! We ate our lunch outside and then came in for a rest before finishing up our food and getting showered and ready for the party.  Kenny got home in the afternoon to ride with us out to West Point.
Helping me mix the insides of the appetizers we were making for the party. She loves to help me cook!
 Having a picnic outside.

The party we were attending was hosted by our friends Margaret and Jay at her parents house in Old Waverly.  Old Waverly is a beautiful golf community in West Point which is about a 25-30 minute drive away.  So after a long fun day outside of course this happened....
 A little cat nap.

Once we arrived to the party Elle was a little slow to get going but eventually warmed up and made fast friends with our friends little boy named Ray.  We all enjoyed great food, great drinks and great company before heading out to the tee box right behind the house to watch a fantastic firework show put on by the golf course!  

 Enjoying the standard Fourth of July fair.
 Ray and Elle.  Ray did not want his picture taken.  Love the attitude!
 We actually managed to get a decent family photo!
 The older kids waiting for fireworks.
 Some of the girls at the party.
 At this point of the night we were taking so many pictures of Elle and Ray in case we needed them for their rehearsal dinner video.  They were being so adorable.

Saturday was spent with more friends at someones pool and then we cooked out with our friends Ava and Craig. On Sunday, Kenny played golf in the morning and then I went to see Fault in Our Stars with Margaret.  I read the book and didn't really think it was all that great but thought the movie was so great and cried through a good deal of it.

After the movie we met up with some friends at the pool for some late evening swimming. Summer has just been so fun.  Elle has loved living in our new neighborhood where so many of her friends live and being able to go to the pool or the park on a whim.  I feel the same! We are having a blast and I cannot believe we have only a month left before it is "back to school" time.
Elle and her closest friend Abigail after the pool.

After the pool we all decided to go to Mexican for dinner.  We decided to take one car and I was too afraid to drive Sarah's Yukon.  So we piled up in the Murano.  Kenny was in the back with all the kids.  
Tired babies and daddy watching Peter Pan.

We had a fun dinner with friends before tucking Elle into bed very late for the last night of the weekend.  This morning I asked Elle if she dreamed of pools, friends and Mexican food last night.  And she said "and fireworks!"  Sweet girl!